Philadelphia’s Past Comes to Life in New Tour Book

Not Just Learning but Living History over 95 Years

Practicing medicine in Center City brought Dr. Fisher in contact with many of the people who made this town what it is today. His new book Philadelphia Revelations: Twenty Tours of the Delaware Valley guides newcomers and natives alike along the beaten and unbeaten paths. The twenty tours peel back the layers of history to highlight the most interesting strata at each point.

Given the central role of the Delaware Valley in the American Revolution, much of this book focuses on those events, so that anyone enjoying these tours will gain a much better understanding of the history of those times as it relates to the geography. Other stops illustrate how Philadelphia gradually got to where it is today, an ever-evolving city in constant interaction with the states that surround it.

Driving or walking the tours within Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania will give the reader a good feel for what it might be like to live in those areas. But those who already live there will learn many things they never suspected about their neighborhoods and the people who came before them. For example, who now remembers that Stetson’s cowboy hat factory was here or that Philadelphia was the original center of the movie industry?

George Fisher is a retired physician and the author of the blog Philadelphia Reflections, with over 2,000 articles about Philadelphia from past to present. In this unique guide book, he brings to life the people and events behind the places you will see in his beloved city. He combines inquiry, insight and humor with over 70 years of observation since starting his Internship at Pennsylvania Hospital to provide a singular perspective on the City of Brotherly Love.



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