The Phoenix Theatre Kicks off All Virtual Second Season with William Shakespeare’s Thrilling War of the Roses Play Henry VI, Part III

The Phoenix Theatre is bringing theatre into its audiences’ homes in its second season. They kick off their all virtual season with an online production of William Shakespeare’s history of a stable nation turned into chaos with Henry VI, Part III. Managing Director Michael Hajek directs the live performances that run October 9-11 online via the company’s YouTube Channel. Audiences can also connect to it from the company’s website at Audiences can view the show for free. The company is suggesting a $20 per household donation.

In this rarely performed Shakespearean history, a once stable nation is cast into chaos as families are torn apart and moral codes are overthrown in the pursuit of revenge and power. In Henry VI, Part III the battle for the crown between the Lancasters and Yorks continues. Who has the right? Who has the power? Who lives? Who dies? The theatre welcomes audiences to a real Game of Thrones adventure in “the Zoom where it happens” and offers a chance to witness The War of the Roses.


“This play is relevant now because our country is in a struggle for leadership and power.” said Hajek. “In Henry VI, you will see leaders who are strong and leaders who are weak. There are several battles between families, men, boys and women! The Phoenix Theatre will guide you through the cruelty of war onto the Victors – using Zoom, stop frame videos for battle sequences, original composed music, hand painted virtual landscapes, actors in modern dress, and in the moment acting. Our version runs just under 2 hours and is guaranteed to make you choose sides.”


In addition to Philadelphia area locals, this performance features actors from all around North America including Canada, Los Angeles, and Queens. The cast features: Joyia D. Bradley, Josette Canilao, Ryan Cassidy, Katie Flanagan, Gloria Huang, Andrés Gallardo Bustillo, Catherine Ogden, Travis Raeburn, Liz Gurland, Rachel Weekley, Roberto Williams, Jeffrey Wills, and Matthew Windham.

Henry VI, Part III is directed by Phoenix Theatre Managing Director Michael Hajek. Phoenix Theatre co-founder Jessica Myhr Reich is the Wardrobe Supervisor. Kennedy Gabb is the Sound Designer. Analia Lentini is the Composer. Lydia Joy Carswell is the Background and Video Designer.  Marcus Barainyak is the Technical Director. Andrés Gallardo Bustillo is the  Production Manager. Michael Howson is Stage Manager.  Amanda Clark is Dramaturg Apprentice.


“Audiences can expect a creative, action packed English history lesson brought to life by an amazing ensemble of actors from all over the country.” said Development Director Jessica Myhr Reich. “Zoom has allowed us to bring this rarely produced Shakespeare play into your homes. Online we can be bold because we don’t need a big budget to be inventive in this medium.”


Performance Dates
Friday October 9th, 7 pm EST
Saturday October 10th, 7 pm EST
Sunday October 11th, 2 pm EST
Cost: Free, Suggested donation of $20 per household

Subscribe and Watch Here.


About The Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre is a professional, 501c3 non-profit theatre company dedicated to building and inspiring community.  We strive to tell stories that encourage our audiences to see the world in a new light and rise to action. We are committed to making people laugh, cry, and cheer by re-envisioning and reinvigorating the classics that have shaped the theatrical world as we know it.



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