Emily, EgoPo’s World Premiere Mail Event, Reinvents Theater

EgoPo announces Emily, a world premiere theatrical mail event that brings Emily Dickinson’s life and work directly to your mailbox for five weeks beginning October 12th, 2020, delivered anywhere in the United States. This highly crafted re-invention of the theater experience is a direct response to our need for creativity and connection during this socially-distant moment. Emily’s female-led creative team is EgoPo resident director and writer, Brenna Geffers, who directed the Philadelphia Barrymore-recommended production of Fool for Love during EgoPo’s 2019-2020 Shepard Country Season, and designer Natalia de la Torre, who was previously nominated for the 2019 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Costume Design for Geffers’ production of Three Sisters Two at EgoPo.

“Brenna actually came to me with an idea of theater being experienced purely through the mail, months before COVID. I loved the idea of a craft experience in which the objects that you pick up and hold resonate with the life of the person who created them by hand, a person who you will never see or touch. When stay-at-home orders came and theaters shut down, we needed a radical artistic pivot. It took a mental leap, but we began to see this season as an opportunity instead of an obstacle, a chance to reinvent the way we experience theater: more intimate, more personal, more human. Suddenly it was clear that Brenna’s idea was THE perfect way to connect with audiences right now. I created the company to push boundaries and I think that’s precisely what Brenna and Natalia are doing here – pushing the envelope, pun intended. The inventiveness is truly remarkable and I cannot wait to have Emily at my own door,” says Lane Savadove, EgoPo’s founding Artistic Director.

 In this first event of EgoPo’s 2020-2021 Isolations season, households will receive a series of packages, letters, drawings, and artifacts that uncover and undo the erasure of the legacy of one of America’s most renowned female poets.

“This piece won’t give you every aspect of her; no piece of art could fully explore the complexities and contradictions of a human being. It will connect you to certain threads in her life and hopefully engage your own imagination to allow Emily to be a richer ghost than that of a mousy woman hiding away from the world,” says Geffers.

 begins mailings on October 12th, 2020 and is limited to 200 households. Tickets can be purchased online as a single household or as part of a full subscription for $100 for all four of EgoPo’s 2020-2021 Isolations season, radically intimate theatrical events experienced in social isolation. For more information, visit www.egopo.org/isolations or www.egopo.org/emily or call 267-273-1414.

About Emily
Emily Dickinson is famous for her solitary lifestyle. The story of how she timidly hid away her poetry was fashioned by editors that did not want to acknowledge the radical thinker she truly was. In this limited edition, at-home event Emily reaches out to you personally through the mail over the course of five weeks. Every few days, you receive a new correspondence from Emily inviting you into her life. Letters, custom art, highly personal objects, all come directly to your door, asking you to undo the erasure of her legacy.

Single Tickets*: $50 per household + ticket fees. Where In the safety and comfort of your home. When Mailings begin on October 12th, 2020 for 5-weeks.

Production Team Creator: Brenna Geffers
Designer: Natalia de la Torre
Show Sponsors: Ed & Susan Hoffman
Associate Producer: Dane Eissler
Managing Director: Katrina Foy
Artistic Director: Lane Savadove

About EgoPo Classic Theater
EgoPo Classic Theater is a Philadelphia-based, non-profit theater company committed to revitalizing the great classics of theater and literature. Founded in 1991 by Artistic Director, Lane Savadove, EgoPo strives for virtuosity in vocal and physical performance in order to create innovative and provocative theatrical events. EgoPo’s uniqueness is found in its season structure, which curates year-long festivals that focus on a playwright or theatrical genre and are designed as a journey guiding audience members through mainstage productions and special events all themed to the season. The result is a deep immersion into a richer and more visceral experience for our community of audience members. Winner of 2017 Barrymore Awards for Best Evolving Theater and Best Production for Chekhov’s The Seagull, EgoPo has staged productions nationally in New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, and San Francisco; internationally in Indonesia and Croatia; and on National Public Radio.


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