Revolution Shakespeare’s 154 Revisited

Revolution Shakespeare is proud to announce the opening of 154 Revisited (September 10 – October 4; affiliated with the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Free Fringe Philly). 


Due to the COVID-19 shutdown of (almost) every in-person artistic venue in Philadelphia, Revolution Shakespeare pivoted to an online performance idea — tasking over 50 playwrights, poets, songwriters, creatives to adapt Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, considered masterly textual representations of love, into their own uniquely voiced forms.


The hope was to find a new way of connecting with as many creative people as possible, to embrace where Shakespeare’s words meet modern sensibilities, and to purely spread more love to any and all who engage.


These 154 adaptations, now embodied by a variety of talented individuals in video form, represent a way for us all to translate love into a new form — and perhaps, find and give love radically.


154 Revisited was conceived and led by Revolution Shakespeare’s Artistic Director, Tai Verley, in response to the unique demands of creating meaningful performance art while restrictions about in-person gatherings are still in place. 


154 Revisited is completely free to access, though Revolution Shakespeare is redistributing any donations earned through the project to the POISE Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit committed to empowering self-sufficiency in Black communities. Learn more about POISE here:


Tickets:  Free, reservations not required. Please visit


Sponsors: Huge thanks to the Wyncote Foundation for sponsoring 154 Revisited. Without their support, this project would not be possible.




Instagram: @revshakespeare,

Twitter: @revshakes,


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