PEACH BOY – A New Musical Original Cast Demo Recording Released

The release of the Original Cast Demo Recording of PEACH BOY – A New Musical is now available on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. With music by Phil Luna and book & lyrics by Tony Pinizzotto, the album includes all 18 songs from the enchanting new coming-of-age musical based on the 200-year-old Japanese Fairytale of Momotarō: The Peach Boy. Produced by its creator and award-winning writer Tony Pinizzotto, the album will be available everywhere where digital music is sold, accompanying its development last year.


Released in concurrence with the U.S. National Peach Month in August, The Original Cast Demo Recording of PEACH BOY features the vocal talents of Philip Alimoren, Danielle Miyazaki, Keiko Clark, Paul Cady, Jennifer Strattan, Milton Porter, Tiffany Churchill, Mike Estrada, and Beccy Quinn. PEACH BOY celebrated a successful sold-out Staged Reading last year directed by Hisato Masuyama at the Group Rep Theatre in Los Angeles; but had its next journey of a Workshop Production halted because of the effect COVID-19 is having on the live theatre industry.


“We’ve found that the world right now is a captive audience, yearning for a positive message of hope, strength, and love,” says Pinizzotto, “Momotarō’s journey in PEACH BOY represents that message.”


The Original Cast Demo Recording of PEACH BOY includes 18 tracks featuring 10 original songs composed, arranged, and recorded by Phil Luna in his Luna Tunes studio; with lyrics by Tony Pinizzotto. A full track list is below:


  1. Intro/Opening Story
  2. Cherry Blossom (Hōseki’s Lullaby)
  3. Love Was Right Here All Along
  4. Without Me
  5. My Word Of Honor
  6. My Word of Honor (Reprise)
  7. Oh, What A Day!
  8. Your New Best Friend
  9. Your New Best Friend (Hangu Reprise)
  10. Where You Come From
  11. Your New Best Friend (Kiji Reprise)
  12. When Will This Be Done?
  13. Susanoo and The Dragon
  14. Fighting the Ogre (instrumental)
  15. Cherry Blossom (Hōseki’s Lullaby – Reprise)
  16. Victory Triumphant (instrumental)
  17. Ogre Transformation/Susanoo and The Dragon (Reprise)
  18. Finale/Love Was Right Here All Along (reprise)

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Tony P.

PEACH BOY – A NEW MUSICAL Original Cast Demo Recording is now available on SPOTIFY and all major music platforms!

Feel free to follow my new work in progress “PEACH BOY – The Musical”



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