Harry Hayman of 3 Hearts Productions, John Woods of  Dionysus Productions, and Kimberly Skyrme of Butterfly Films come together to form Metronome LLC and announce several digital events, live shows, a documentary, and a feature film.


“Today, more than ever, people need hope. We originally thought we might have to delay shooting our movie. but then realized the world needs a story about the creative community,” said EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Harry Hayman. Akin to an actual metronome, our narrative feature film is about “finding one’s rhythm in life”. This was the birth of the idea to create a documentary. We found that the musicians involved in the project were equally as compelling as the characters in the film. The documentary feature project provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the jazz community. This allows us to overcome the restrictions of the pandemic while raising funds for The Philly Jazz Experience, in an effort to preserve jazz culture.


Dionysus Productions will be hosting a number of events online and live. Coming up on August 28th, an inaugural live concert event will take place at 7:30 pm at Brut Bar and Lounge in Feasterville. Featured performers will include Philly’s own V. Shayne Frederick, Denise King, and Michal Beckham.


“In a chaotic world, we hope many people can find their rhythm in the jazz community like the countless others who have. We’re like jazz itself, we just have to improvise to survive and thrive,” continued Hayman.


 All proceeds to benefit the Philadelphia Jazz Experience and other 501Cs to help the Musicians.


To learn more about METRONOME, visit


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