Lend Your Voice to COMMUNITY MATTERS at People’s Light

The popular Community Matters series at People’s Light goes virtual on June 25 – with a fun, new twist! Community Matters is a series of free events presented in partnership between People’s Light and local organizations to spark dialogue about vital issues in the community. Traditionally, a live reading of an existing play is the centerpiece of each event, followed by a facilitated discussion between the audience and a panel of special guests. People’s Light has hosted 31 Community Matters events attended by a total of 5,000+ community members covering topics like autism, race and the arts, and privacy in the digital age, to name a few. But this year’s virtual edition of Community Matters takes a new approach. For the first time ever, members of the community are invited to participate as contributing writers!

“At this moment of increased separation, we want to hear from you” says Marcie Bramucci, Director of Community Investment, and producer of Community Matters at People’s Light. “Let’s talk about what you’ve been up to, what’s on your mind, and what matters most to you right now – in your own words.”

Now through June 15, People’s Light will share a weekly writing prompt on their website every Monday. Community members can respond to any or all the prompts for a chance to have their writing piece featured as part of Community Matters. This invitation is open to anyone and everyone (no writing degree or book deal required!) At the virtual reading on June 25, a cast of People’s Light company members and frequent guest artists will perform a selection of writing submissions, followed by a community discussion facilitated by company member David Bradley.

You do not need to submit a piece of writing to attend Community Matters. This free, family-friendly event is open to the public and hosted via Zoom Webinar on June 25 at 7:30pm. Run time is approximately 60 minutes. Participants will not be visible during the event but can contribute comments and questions during the discussion. For information on how to register and submit your writings, visit PeoplesLight.org.

The cast of actors performing excerpts of community writing submissions includes Peter DeLaurier, Melanye Finister, Eli Lynn, and Mary Elizabeth Scallen. The virtual event is facilitated by company member David Bradley.

Community Matters is supported by Rebecca Bradbeer.

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