1812 Productions Annual Gala Fundraiser Eventa du Schmancy

Live Online • Monday, June 8, 2020 at 7:00pm

More than a dozen Philadelphia artists are joining in the festivities to support
Philadelphia’s All Comedy Theatre Company.

1812 Productions is pleased to present its annual gala fundraiser Eventa du Schmancy. An evening of music and comedy from a team of 1812 Productions performers, Eventa du Schmancy will stream on the Crowdcast platform on Monday, June 8th at 7pm. Tickets are available at www.1812productions.org or at 215-592-9560 and are Pay What You Choose. Suggested ticket prices range from $25 to $300, with a zero-dollar price level available. Eventa du Schmancy features more than a dozen celebrated Philadelphia performers who have all figured prominently into 1812’s comedy-making history.

Eventa du Schmancy has been our signature gala fundraiser for over 10 years,” says Jennifer Childs, 1812 Productions’ Co-founder and Producing Artistic Director. “Every year, we have lots of laughs with a room full of fans, friends, supporters, and patrons. Not being able to connect with everyone face to face this year has presented some unique challenges. Finding the opportunities in these challenges has led us to an evening where some of our favorite artists, who would not otherwise be able to participate, can join in— and to where we can show our supporters different working aspects of 1812 that they might not otherwise experience. Our team really dove in to this online platform and I’m super excited for the evening we’ve planned.”

Eventa du Schmancy will be hosted by Childs with her husband, renowned Philadelphia actor Scott Greer. The evening will be feature several acts and interludes showcasing signature 1812 comedy as well as many favorite Philadelphia artists and behind-the-scenes glimpses into artistic, production, and education activities that have contributed to 1812’s success for more than two decades.

The night kicks off with Quarantunes!, a hilarious selection of solo music, performed by 1812 favorites Alex Bechtel, Rob Tucker, and Monica Stephenson. This will be followed by a Zoom recreation of the beloved game show Hollywood Squares featuring an array of award-winning performers who have all been a part of 1812’s annual political satire This Is The Week That Is. The line-up includes Aimé Donna Kelly (Blue BloodsThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Brian Anthony Wilson (The Wire), Tom Shotkin, Sean Close, Brett Ashley Robinson, Tanaquil Márquez, Don Montrey, Justin Jain, Dave Jadico, and Patsy (Jennifer Childs’ fan-favorite character from South Philly). With 1812’s signature creation well represented, after Hollywood Squares, viewers will be treated to a special preview performance of 1812’s upcoming premiere musical comedy Tyndale Place. Written by Jennifer Childs with music by Monica Stephenson, Tyndale Place is the story of four housewives looking for independence in 1955 Levittown. This preview will feature performances by the show’s original cast Rachel Camp, Eileen Cella, Emily Kleimo, Lee Minora, and Ben Dibble.

Regarding the gala’s shift to a Pay What You Choose model, including a zero dollar price option, Childs adds, “It was really important to us that we acknowledge the tenuous economic circumstances affecting many members of the arts community. While Eventa du Schmancy remains a night to support the health of 1812 as we, like everyone else, chart new and difficult territory, we also move forward with the goal of bringing light and laughter to the city we call home. We make comedy— that is our mission. So, if viewers can afford $25, $50, $100 or more, we definitely welcome that support. If that’s not possible for some folks at this time, we hope they will come and have fun with us, regardless. We promise a good time!”

In addition to flexible pricing, a portion of the proceeds from Eventa du Schmancy’s live auction will be given to Theatre Philadelphia’s Emergency Relief Program. The Emergency Relief Program awards micro-grants to theatre-workers in Philadelphia whose income has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Childs continues, “We’ve been so fortunate in the support and enthusiasm we’ve received from members of the Philadelphia arts community. We see this year’s Eventa du Schmancy not just as a means to garner backing for 1812, but also an as another opportunity to be of service— both in spreading awareness about this fantastic relief effort and in bringing some much-needed laughter to people’s homes.”

Eventa du Schmancy will stream on the Crowdcast platform on Monday, June 8th at 7pm. Tickets are available at www.1812productions.org or at 215-592-9560 and are Pay What You Choose. Suggested ticket prices range from $25 to $300, with a zero dollar price level available.

1812 Productions would like to offer sincere thanks and gratitude to the event sponsor Independence Foundation and corporate sponsor Schnader Attorneys at Law.

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