ComedySportz Online Intercity Matches

ComedySportz Philadelphia, is the only Philly team currently competing with matches every Saturday night. Throughout May, these virtual improvisational comedy shows pit the 2019 World Champion Philadelphia Fighting Amish (Philly’s ComedySportz team) against ComedySportz Chicago on May 9th, ComedySportz LA on May 16th , and ComedySportz Dallas on May 23rd. Shows are being broadcast on Zoom with tickets starting at $10 and available online at

From the Playing Field to the Playing Screen

When the COVID crisis forced Philadelphia into lock-down in March, CSz Philadelphia, the home of ComedySportz, had to close its theater along with all other public spaces around the country. ComedySportz quickly re-engineered its competitive improv matches for the screen, and started producing the interactive comedy shows online for our loyal fans. This month the team goes “on the road” and will compete against some of the funniest teams from around the country.

What is ComedySportz?
When you watch a ComedySportz match, you see a faced-paced comedy competition. A Referee oversees two teams of Players competing against each other in improv games based on the suggestions of the Loyal Fans watching the match. The Ref calls fouls, points are awarded, and the fans watching at home help to pick the winner.

Everything is made up on the spot.  Nothing is rehearsed.  ComedySportz Players are trained improvisers and comedians, quick-witted and funny. The competition is real but all in good fun. The comedy is appropriate for all-ages and is perfect for home viewing on any device.

ComedySportz® Started in Milwaukee in 1984, and has been entertaining fans across the US and Europe including right here in Philadelphia since 1992, making it the longest running show in town.

Keeping the laughs going.
“This is a challenging time for everyone. Folks are isolated in their homes, without the ability to come together and laugh as a community. The online ComedySportz matches have been an exciting way to remedy this, giving fans the ability to interact as they cheer on a hometown team that has been making the Philadelphia region laugh for decades.” says Executive Director Don Montrey. “If you’ve seen ComedySportz in our theater, you are going to love how it translates to the screen. And if you’ve never seen ComedySportz, the upcoming matches against our rival cities will be a terrific, first-time experience. New fans are going to get a high-energy introduction to some of the best comedic talent in the country.”

Upcoming ComedySportz Philadelphia matches:
Versus ComedySportz Chicago on May 9th at 7:30PM and 10PM
Versus ComedySportz LA on May 16th at 7:30PM and 10:30PM
Versus ComedySportz Dallas on May 23rd at 7:30PM and 9:30PM

ComedySportz performs every Saturday night. Info at


Saturday, May 9th versus ComedySportz Chicago at 7:30PM and 10PM
Saturday May 16th versus ComedySportz LA at 7:30PM and 10:30PM
Saturday, May 23rd versus ComedySportz Dallas at 7:30PM and 9:30PM

And an open-ended run every Saturday night at 7:30PM.


$10 at

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