Get a room with a collection of lovers and liars

La Ronde, an adaption of the classic play by Arthur Schnitzler, will receive a limited performance run at the historic Powel House. Staged immersively in the three story mansion, audience can choose to follow different characters in interlocking affairs. Performances are from February 27 through March 2 at 8pm.  Tickets are available at https://die-cast.ticketleap.com/la-ronde/


Welcome. Come in. Have a drink. See someone you would like to meet? Follow them. Watch them. When you are done, find a new partner and follow them. There are soldiers, wives, poets: whatever you like. Don’t want to commit? Then just wander from room to room and see who you find. Sneak out to the cafe. Have an encounter in the ballroom.  Try it. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

La Ronde is a series of 10 scenes that depict vivid sexual encounters between partners across the class and societal divides. Named for type of dance, the original text was banned by censors preventing its first public performance until 1920, 23 years after it had been written. When it was finally performed, its playwright Arthur Schnitzler was charged with being a “Jewish Pornographer” with the courts taking a year to formally dismiss the charges. The public abuse was enough for the Viennese writer to withdraw his script from performance until 40 years after his death.  Considered scandalous for its indictment of how sexuality among the upper, educated class, Schnitzler’s piece acted as an expose of the hypocritical attitudes of his time.

While the piece still knocks a visceral punch for its unflinching look at the power dynamics inherent in sex, it does fall prey to a heterosexual male vision of sexuality. Many of the encounters in the original text verged on sexual assault, with male virility being at the cost of female subjugation. If the original text wanted to expose the way its contemporary society actually had sex, then a modern telling of the piece should look to do the same.  Die-Cast sought to reexamine the text in way that opened up a more contemporary view of gender and sexuality.

La Ronde is staged in an immersive style, meaning that there is no set place for the audience to watch the performance. Instead, scenes happen simultaneously in different rooms. The audiences choose which characters are of interest and may leave scenes at any point.

About The Company:

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity, filling the mold entirely to create a new object.

Die-Cast was founded by Brenna Geffers and Thom Weaver in order to open up new possibilities for theatrical practices. Rather than following a traditional subscription model, Die-Cast incubates work within spaces that are normally inaccessible to audiences.  We look to fill those spaces with the work and have the work shaped by the space in turn.  Die-Cast uses opera, movement, text, design, installation – whatever tools that best craft the experience for our audiences. We create full-length works as well as pop-up experiences for audiences to explore.






La Ronde

adapted by Brenna Geffers


The Powel House

244 3rd Street

Philadelphia Pa 9106


February 27 @ 8pm

February 28 @ 8pm

February 29 @ 8pm

March 1 @ 8pm

March 2 @ 8pm

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