Theatre Review: I ♥ Alice ♥ I at Curio Theatre Co

Curio Theatre offers Amy Conroy’s poignant play I ♥ Alice ♥ I.  Besides being difficult to insert into Microsoft Word, it is the heartwarming tale of two women’s love in Ireland.  In this lovely two person play we meet our two women named Alice who have spent the majority of their lifetimes together as a couple.  Even though their story is about two women in love, Co-directors Gay Carducci and Rachel Gluck do a masterful job of making their story more universal.  They provide what could be the story of any two people in love.  They present the meeting, the self discovery, the betrayal, the reconciliation and finally the joyous acceptance of what they have.

In the hands of two lesser actors, this might be a mundane recounting of the stages of a relationship.  Trice Baldwin-Brown as Alice Kinsella and Aetna Gallagher as Alice Slattery masterfully draw the audience into the lives of these two complex women.  They both offer incredibly nuanced performances that not only recount the facts of their lives, but also the motivations  behind those facts.  It is wonderful to watch these two capture the innate passion and love in some of life’s most simple occurrences.

Directors Carducci and Gluck are aided by Paul Kuhn’s simple but effective set which allows the focus to stay on the actors and Conroy’s story. Aetna Gallagher’s costume design, Dalton Whiting’s lighting design, Damien Figueras’s sound design, and Jillian Schwab’s prop design all cohesively assist the performance.

I ♥ Alice ♥ I runs until February 29th at Curio’s home at 4740 Baltimore Avenue in Philadelphia. The play runs a brisk 65 minutes. For tickets and information call 215-921-8243 or go to their web site at


Photo by Rebecca Gudelunas.


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