FUN HOME at Steel River Playhouse

Coming of age is never easy. It can redefine one’s place in the family. Relationships, family secrets, and finding your place in the world – as adults we tend to look back to see where we came from as we consider where we’re headed.

Fun Home explores all of this through the eyes of Allison Bechdel as a child, a teenager, and an adult moving from past to present while watching events unfold at the Bechdel Funeral Home. Using flashbacks and narrative, this musical explores the story of a woman discovering her sexuality and trying to find her place in the world as a queer graphic novelist.

As though it weren’t enough to reflect on one’s own identity, Allison also works through her memories of dealing with her parents’ troubled marriage, her father’s own sexual identity (and his subsequent extramarital encounters), and his unexpected death.

Originally a graphic novel, Fun Home is the Winner of 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical. Poignant and thought provoking, it contains mature themes and strong language.

There is a talkback scheduled after the matinee on Sunday, February 16th. We would love for you to stay and ask questions!

Performance Dates:

Fri Jan 31 2020 8PM

Sat Feb 1 2020 8PM

Sun Feb 2 2020 2PM

Fri Feb 7 2020 8PM

Sat Feb 8 2020 2PM

Sat Feb 8 2020 8PM

Sun Feb 9 2020 2PM

Fri Feb 14 2020 8PM

Sat Feb 15 2020 2PM

Sat Feb 15 2020 8PM

Sun Feb 16 2020 2PM

Secure your tickets here!
245 E. High Street, Pottstown PA.
Box Office at 610-970-1199
Email for more information,
or visit

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