Music Preview: Nathan Landis Funk to release new single, “Easy to Be”

Nathan Landis Funk does not fit neatly into any one box, nor does he fit neatly into any of the boxes that one could try to stuff him in. As an actor, he has survived the demands of the PA Renaissance Faire, murder mystery theater and children’s theater, as well as voiceover work, not to mention occasional music director. As a writer, he created the Celtic musical, Tale of the Phantom Ship, which premiered at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 2015, as well as a short film, a music video parody and more. But it’s his relatively new focus on being a singer/songwriter that finds him in the unenviable position of breaking into the Philly music scene as he prepares to release a new single, “Easy to Be,” on December 13, to your favorite streaming services.

Originally from Canada, Funk moved to Lancaster after high school, where he worked on a dairy farm before moving to Redding, CA, and then to Kenya and South Africa (as one does). Finally, he attended and graduated from Temple University with a degree in theater, and has taken up roots in the Philly area. This wide range of experiences finds its way into his eclectic and diverse approach to songwriting, as evidenced by his debut EP, Stay Here with Me, which he released last year.

“Easy to Be” is his first professionally produced and recorded song. It was recorded and mixed at TedAudio in Germantown, with Josh Steingard on drums, Ted Richardson on bass, and Nathan on guitar/piano/vocals. He describes the song as “…a head-bopping folk groove with a good measure of theatrical tongue-in-cheek.” He goes on to say, “it pokes fun at the tendency we humans have to claim we have all the right answers when it’s far more likely we’ve just grabbed whatever’s most convenient.”

The song will be released in conjunction with a house concert in West Philly with two other Philadelphia actor/singer-songwriters.  He will perform alongside Paul Harrold & the Winston Churchills and Ian Coles Ketcham.  The event will be hosted at Ketcham’s large home at 5233 Baltimore Ave.

The event is free and BYO, doors open at 7pm.  Beer and CDs from the artists will be available for purchase.  Though tickets are not required, concertgoers are encouraged to RSVP via the Facebook event or SongKick links below. Funk will also be livestreaming the event from his Facebook page:

Facebook event link:

Songkick link:

Other ways to learn about Nathan Landis Funk:
Instagram: nathanlandisfunk
Twitter: @nlandisfunk

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