Philadelphia Zoo’s Fantastical Holiday Season Light Extravaganza Opens Wednesday November 20, 2019 – Tickets Are Officially on Sale Today

Tickets are officially on sale today for LumiNature presented by JP Morgan Chase & Company. Philadelphia Zoo’s new fantastical new holiday season light experience is set to transform the Zoo starting on opening day, Wednesday November 20th through January 5th. LumiNature will take visitors on a magical journey of illuminations, music, sound and surprises that is designed to inspire and delight each night through the holiday season. LumiNature will feature 12 experiences that include hundreds of illuminated penguins, oversized bold-colored illuminated flowers, a 21-feet tall brilliant colored snake, giant cat eyes glowing in the dark of night, and a 25-foot tree made entirely of lit flamingo lawn ornaments! Along with tickets going on sale, Philadelphia Zoo unveiled several more of LumiNature’s highlights, including a 35 foot tall polar bear, talking Everygreen trees and a giant, all-season party of light, music and special effects. Guests must purchase timed-tickets to experience this exciting new spectacle, now available at Prices are adults $24.00 children $19.00. (Special community Value Nights have also been announced for Wednesday and Thursday evenings through December 13th- check the website for price details.)
“LumiNature will transform the Zoo from its daytime magic into a winter wonderland, immersing guests in a joyous multi-media light and music spectacular,” says Amy Shearer, Philadelphia Zoo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We will shine a light on the world’s elusive big cats and flamboyant peacocks, lit flamingos will have their moment on their own 25 foot tree, a 35 foot polar bear made out of 23,000 pounds of recycled car doors will share the magnificence of our planet, and all four seasons will host their very own party….all through the artistry of lights, media, sound and nature itself.”
LumiNature will come alive as guests roam 12 different illuminated experience zones – each with their own wildlife message and theme.  Combined with seasonal fare, unique holiday retail opportunities, strolling performers, hot chocolate and ever-warming adult beverages, LumiNature is sure to spark the holiday spirit in everyone.
Philadelphia Zoo teamed up with industry giants Oak Island Creative, a leader in illumination  and KB Associates, an internationally renowned design and production firm, known for creating hundreds of ground-breaking theatrical shows, concerts and events, to bring compelling storytelling and unique theatrics to this exciting new experience. “We are thrilled to work with such creative teams to create this one-of-a-kind event for our great city” says Shearer.

Philly PHLASH® will run extended evening service Friday – Sunday from 6:00-10:00 p.m. from Love Park (16th & JFK Blvd.) to the Philadelphia Zoo for LumiNature. Ride the PHLASH evening service for $2.00 roundtrip. Children under 4, seniors and SEPTA pass and Key card holders ride for free. Visit for details on daytime service and evening service updates.

LumiNature Experiences include the following experience, with more to be announced soon.
New experiences announced today to time with tickets going on sale include:
·        Northern Lights:  Serving as a massive focal point, a 35-foot polar bear named Polaris made entirely from white recycled car doors transforms into a gigantic screen that shares the magnificence and diversity of our planet.  Surrounded by programmed, illuminated ice bergs and dancing lights, Polaris will be a centerpiece of each evening’s experience.
  ·        Evergreen Dreams:  Make a stop at this outdoor food and beverage park and you just might hear something…the trees have something to say.  Situated in this lovely outdoor hang out are some surprising trees that come to life as they sing and welcome you to LumiNature.
  ·        Seasonbration:  All four seasons host their very own party.  Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall all have a point of view that comes to life via lights, music, and special effects.
  ·        Frog Fantastical: Color washes throughout the trees and water-like images appear on the path before you.  You might just be thinking ‘is that frogs I hear’ as imaginary frogs jump with light from place to place around you.  Wait for the splash!
  ·        Color me Chameleon:  A kaleidoscope of color fills this festive plaza inviting guests to shop for their favorite light up items at the Zoo’s very first glow bar.
·        Wonder of Slumber:  Your adventure begins as you arrive and enter a beautiful and dreamy setting of lit orbs and giant illuminated flowers.

The above highlights will join the below previously announced experiences below:

·        Snake Awake:  Slither through brilliant purples, blues and greens as a giant snake slithers along beside you…and…every once in a while, a big illuminated mouse will appear suggesting a whimsical dance of a chase taking place.

·        Big Cat Stalk:  What do the big cats dream of?  Maybe us!  As you meander through this path of tall illuminated ‘grass’, the stalking eyes of these frisky felines will appear and disappear making you wonder if you are what they are dreaming of.

·        Flamingo Fancy:  Guests will be surprised as they walk along brilliantly lit 8-foot pink ‘flamingos’ when they encounter the most whimsical tree within LumiNature: a 25-foot beauty made entirely of lit flamingo lawn ornaments!

·        Penguin Peace on Earth:  Who better to say goodnight and wish every creature on our planet good will but penguins!  Hundreds of illuminated penguins will fill the Zoo’s lawn to bid guests farewell and wish them a very special holiday season in true Zoo fashion.

LumiNature is a $3.5M  investment, and has been in the works for over two years. LumiNature will return year-after-year and become a brand-new holiday-time traditional for tens of thousands of families and visitors.
LumiNature by the numbers will feature:
* More than 600,000 lights
* 6.5 miles of power cord
* 500 colorful illuminated flamingos and a 25 feet tall flamingo holiday tree
* 200 festively lit penguins
* 45 completely custom LED light structures
* 21 foot snake
* Much more to be announced!
LumiNature opens to the public on Wednesday, November 20th, guests must purchase timed-tickets at Prices are adults $24.00 and children $19.00. Philadelphia Zoo also announced special Community Value Tickets today for select Wednesday and Thursday nights during the run of LumiNature. Value Ticket information will be available on the Philadelphia Zoo website.

Later in November look for additional information about the final experiences, seasonal fare, strolling performers,  hot chocolate and ever-warming adult beverages that promise to spark the holiday spirit. Until then, visit Philadelphia Zoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow the LumiNature transformation of Philadelphia Zoo.


Animals are on the move like never before at Philadelphia Zoo with Zoo360, a first-in-the-world system of see-through trails passing through treetops, crossing over pathways and connecting habitats, giving animals like amazing big cats, majestic primates and marvelous meerkats the opportunities to travel and explore. Visit our new baby western lowland gorillas, giraffes, hippos, white rhino, zebras, red pandas, Amur tigers and more at America’s first Zoo. Explore our 42-acre Victorian garden and enjoy award-winning exhibits like KeyBank Big Cat Falls, PECO Primate Reserve, McNeil Avian Center and KidZooU, a wildlife academy that offers dynamic displays, rare breeds and hands-on experiences.  Philadelphia Zoo is the second highest ticketed attraction in Philadelphia, one of the region’s foremost conservation organizations and home to nearly 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered. By connecting people with wildlife, Philadelphia Zoo creates joyful discovery and inspires action for animals and habitats. The Zoo welcomed more than 1.25 million visitors last year. Philadelphia Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Philadelphia Zoo is a non-smoking facility.  For more information on, as or to purchase and print tickets online, visit us at Facebook: PhiladelphiaZoo; Instagram: @philadelphiazoo; Twitter: @phillyzoo.

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