LATE NIGHT SNACKS Serves Up a Delicious Cabaret for PHILLY FRINGE

If you’re looking for a “Cheap Date”–the name bestowed upon Late Night Snacks’ version of a traditional City Wide–this pop-up cabaret is the best spot for all your late night Fringe Fest needs.  Found through an unassuming door on Percy Street near Passyunk, this speakeasy-themed event runs all month long and has been lovingly created by an array of individuals and groups including the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, FringeArts, Opera Philadelphia, Vox Populi, Hidden City Philadelphia, the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation, and the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs.  It’s a wonderful representation of all that late night entertainment can be; a little raunchy, a little unpredictable, and a whole lot of fun.

The stage at Late Night Snacks.

Whether you’re looking for a nightcap to finish off a full day of Fringe, or you’re simply interested in some of the diverse and exciting acts the cabaret has to offer, Late Night Snacks will be there for you every evening from September 7-September 29.  Performances will be hosted in turn by Jenn Kidwell, Adrienne Truscott, Jess Conda, US (Anthony Martinez-Briggs), Cookie Diorio, Eric Jaffe, and John Jarboe.  The acts run the gamut from opera singers to “art clowns,” drag queens and cabaret performers, so there is something for nearly everyone.  It is important to note that much of the content will be adult in nature, so it’s best to know your limits before you buy a ticket.  In an effort to ensure everyone has a good time, the most sensitive or graphic material will be noted at the online box office when you go to purchase a ticket.

Part auto body shop, part mannequin graveyard, the cabaret is dimly lit and hazy.  You enter through a dark black curtain, giving the impression you are truly stepping into a forbidden speakeasy.  The bar is open until 2AM, so you can attend to all of your libation needs throughout the evening.  Late Night Snacks boasts a menu of “cocktails as cheap as I am!” and will have an array of beer, wine, and mixed drinks available to suit every palate.  The “Fruity Garland” is a watermelon sangria served with sour candies, and they also offer the Flying Fish OPA (Opera Philadelphia Ale), both of which are refreshing and far too easy to drink.

Try the “Fruity Garland,” you won’t be disappointed.

Each detail of Late Night Snacks has been selected with care.  Everything from the mannequin legs in the bathroom to the camping trailer (which you should definitely check out) help contribute to the feeling that you are in a space separate from the outside world.  Time doesn’t move the same inside the cabaret; you may find yourself blinking in wonder at the sunlight if you attend one of their Drag Story Hours, their earliest offerings with a start time of 5PM on Sundays.  If you are looking for a place to escape to for a moment, an hour, or even longer, Late Night Snacks offers an inclusive space and a unique experience that will leave you feeling part of something bigger than yourself (as well as thoroughly entertained).

The camper at Late Night Snacks offers a unique experience for those daring enough to venture inside.

Tickets for Late Night Snacks are available on a sliding scale, so everyone can enjoy its delicious offerings.  This pop-up cabaret experience runs through September 29th at 1316 S. Percy Street in Philadelphia.  Tickets and more information can be found on the FringeArts website.


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