‘Question Reality’ During Philly’s Fringe Festival With a Mind-Bending, Surreal Immersive Theater Event from Pseudonym Productions

For Five Nights Only, Step Through a Tear in Reality That Reveals

the Unpredictable Realm Between Life and Death

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival takes on a decidedly macabre and surreal flair as Pseudonym Productions presents the world premiere of an all-new immersive theater event, QUESTION REALITY, which debuts Sept. 10 and also plays nightly Sept. 12 through 15.

Conceived and created by Pseudonym Productions, which was founded by University of Pennsylvania alumna Sarah Elger, QUESTION REALITY unfolds within what appears to be a centuries-old abandoned warehouse. Inside, a tear in reality has opened a portal to another realm – one in which nothing is as it seems.

Tickets to QUESTION REALITY are $20 ($15 for students and are available now at www.QuestionReality.com.  QUESTION REALITY is located within “Immersive HQ” at 1004 Buttonwood St. in Philadelphia, which is also home to two additional immersive experiences from other artists. QUESTION REALITY offers five timed-entry periods each night during which audience members can take their first steps into this boldly conceived world.

As they do, they’ll be surrounded by an interactive performance that brings them face-to-face with unsettling characters in a story that grows increasingly surreal as it unfolds around them. A sense of adventure is paramount as the audience begins a journey filled with unexpected encounters that offers a glimpse into a surprising new realm of existence.

QUESTION REALITY also is the portal for a new online experience called the “Pseudoverse,” which is debuting as part of Digital Fringe and introduces a connected-story world that continues the journey and blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

“Immersive theater is one of the most intriguing and exciting forms of theater today, and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival is the perfect place for us to present the story of ‘Question Reality,’ which is part of a larger vision we’ve had to examine the idea that death is not the end of a journey but only the beginning,” said Elger, who founded Pseudonym Productions with immersive entertainment industry expert Ricky Brigante.

That vision of life after death will expand in October when Pseudonym Productions unveils DARK PASSAGE, a spine-tingling immersive experience exclusive to Philadelphia that is scheduled to open Oct. 4.

Elger previously designed theme park attractions for Universal Creative, including Skull Island: Reign of Kong and Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando. Brigante founded and operated the popular Inside the Magic online news outlet that reaches millions of theme-park industry fans worldwide. Brigante also penned the first Immersive Design Summit annual report, which estimated the size of the growing immersive-entertainment industry to be $49.7 billion globally.

For more details about QUESTION REALITY, or to enter the Pseudoverse before stepping into the experience, visit https://pseudonymproductions.com/question-reality/.

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