Da Vinci Art Alliance Announces Two October 2019 Exhibitions in Philadelphia

Temple of Sirius, curated by Malachi Lily, and Not-So-Fast Last Judgment, a solo exhibition of work by John James Pron, will be presented at the DVAA


Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia is proud to announce two October exhibitions that will be presented at DVAA’s gallery, located at 704 Catherine Street.  Temple of Sirius and Not-So-Fast Last Judgment will be on display from October 6 through October 27, 2019.


Curated by Malachi Lily, alongside Technical Director D’Andre Jarod Smith, Temple of Sirius is described as a sacred site of Black Divinity, a sanctuary in honor of African astrological ancestry, the divine present, and the future, all existing in one moment. Lily calls the exhibition “a declaration, a war-cry, and a lullaby. Together these voices proclaim that their experience is divine. Their present existence is of their own creation; it is holy and infinite.”  The exhibition will feature works by Obsidian Bellis (they/them), ocean (oh-shuawn; they/them), Alex Farr (they/them), and Vitche-Boul Ra (Lix Vaïd or Vaïd), and more to be announced.  October 6 is the opening reception including singing, poetry and performances from 12PM – 5PM.


In Gallery 2, John James Pron will present a solo exhibition called Not-So-Fast Last Judgment.  The work is Pron’s response to Michelangelo’s Last Judgement, which presents belief in the Second Coming.  Pron’s “Not-so-Fast Last Judgement” is 9-feet high, 14-feet long, and comprised of 28 interconnected drawings on one wall, part of a site-specific installation, meant to be a place of quiet contemplation, a setting to meditate on the diversity of this world.   The other walls of this “secular sanctum” are a call to action: what can one poor architect do to raise awareness and propose solutions? October 20 is a reception from 2PM to 5PM.


Details on both exhibits are listed below.  For more information, visit http://www.davinciartalliance.org.


Da Vinci Art Alliance Presents

Temple of Sirius and Not-So-Fast Last Judgment

October 6 through October 27, 2019

704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA

Open Gallery Hours: Thursdays – Sundays from 12-5pm, or by appointment


ABOUT MALACHI LILY: Malachi Lily is a shapeshifting, nonbinary black poet, artist, curator, and moth who connects to the Collective Unconscious via energy work, Active Imagination, mysticism, myth, magic, folklore, and fairy tales. Their channeling often takes the form of poetry and illustration, but in Temple of Sirius, it manifests as curation by connecting to the artist’s energy and work beyond aesthetics. Malachi Lily connects artists who are unconsciously vibrating together, and uses their organizational skills to give them all a space to sing. Lily’s curation forms a tangible permeation of a culture of Oneness: living in the reality that we all are manifestations of the same source energy and we all create our realities together. It is their purpose to create space to uplift fellow black artists as gods and bring balance and truth to experience. Lily is a liminal being of race, gender, artistic practice, and existence reclaiming the spiritual body of black and brown people who have been trapped in generational trauma and colonization. Lily’s work offers methods to break the individual barriers and reveal symbols, archetypes, emotions, and lessons that exist in humans all as a collective consciousness, to heal, awake, and empower.

ABOUT JOHN JAMES PRON: James John Pron is an architect, an artist, a retired faculty member from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and from 1998 until 2016, a member of the 3rd St Gallery on 2nd Street in Old City, Philadelphia.  Now, he is an active member of the DVAA (DaVinci Art Alliance) Gallery in Bella Vista, South Philadelphia. James John Pron graduated with an M.Arch from the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts (now PennDesign). Since 1976, he taught in the Department of Architecture, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, teaching design studios, freehand drawing, and Beaux Arts presentation graphics as well as lecturing on architectural history (both Western and Non-Western traditions). In his studios, he specializes in the adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Prob led several summer study tours of Italy and Greece and taught at the campus of Temple University Rome. He was the recipient of his college’s Distinguished Faculty Award (1981), a Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (1986), and the Temple University Great Teacher Award (1995)- its highest honor.  Since 2012, he is an Emeritus Professor.

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