MEDUSA VOLUTION An Unbelievable True Story of Women, Power and Monsters


September 17 – 20, 2019

Tuesday through Thursday at 8:00 pm

Friday at 5:00pm and 9:00pm 

Opening Night:  Tuesday September 17th – 8:00 pm

The Maas Building

1325 N Randolph Street, Philadelphia


Available at


After a CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED run in Brooklyn, NY SAMIEVA THEATER is pleased to announce that Medusa Volution takes a darkly comedic dive into what is really going on with Medusa and her sister archetypes Salome and Eve.  Through avant-garde storytelling, with hilarity and gravitas, Medusa Volution retells their stories from their-own point of view, and weaves them together with stories of primordial goddesses and modern women who continue to struggle against the system that co-opted the stories of their ancient sisters.  Medusa Volution redefines the stories of their power, agency and pleasure, revealing how we may be complicit in one another’s oppression and how we might support one another’s liberation.   Today, can we look Medusa in the eyes?

Created and Directed by Sophie Amieva

Written by Sophie Amieva and Susu Bagert

Set and Costumes: Katerina Marcelja · Light: Sarah Lurie ·  Sound: Liz Stanton

Butoh Choreography: Vangeline ·  Stage manager: Wednesday Derrico
Ensemble: Chandler Eliah Eason, Kayla Juntilla, Liz Stanton*, Irina Varina   *AEA

SAMIEVA THEATER seeks to create and tell stories that examine our world, peel back the layers of human complexity and power constructs, and resonate on an instinctual level.  We draw upon an “avant garde” mix of dramatic styles including bouffon (the Jacques Lecoq take on medieval styles of comedy and satire), grotesque, chorus, mask and butoh, as well as typical dramatic dialogue. These styles can be hilarious or serious, dark or joyful, but they are powerful and efficient at exposing a deeper reality and making a visceral connection with the audience.  Our approach to making theater can be deceptively playful — we lead with humor always, but underneath we are searching for identity, consciousness and truth.

SOPHIE AMIEVA (Creater, Writer, Director) is a French and Spanish theater artist living in Brooklyn since 2001. Praised by the New York Times for “display[ing] a fine talent for comedy”, Sophie has
 performed with Philippe Genty Company, NTUSA, International Wow, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, 600 Highwaymen, and toured for two years with the French grotesque and masque street theater collective “La Grappe de Bouffons”. In New York, she has 
been seen in many venues including the Ohio Theater, Theater for a New City, and La 
MaMa Annex. At HERE she presented Pessimist, Moi?!, a one woman 
show about femininity and loneliness. Recent work as a creator and/or director includes Facets, a silent piece with giant masks and improvisational dance, and Bremen Freedom and The Infernal Machine for the main stage at NYU’s ETW.  Sophie has taught Bouffon, mask and clowning for over 12 years at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theater Wing (“ETW”).

SUSU BAGERT (Writer) is a corporate lawyer, which means she writes for a living.  Medusa Volution is her first foray in a theatrical writing, and she is thrilled to have been a part of it.

Medusa Volution Reviews

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— The Brooklyn Paper, “Myth-ogny: ‘Medusa’ Show Looks at Female Stereotypes” Feb 13, 2019

— NY Phoenix News, “Time to Look at Medusa in the Eyes”  Feb 4, 2019

— Visible Soul, “People You Should Know:  Sophie Amieva” Feb 3, 2019

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