Review: Uptown Beer Garden Opens for 2019

Just in time for the transition from rainy spring days to beautiful summer weather, Uptown Beer Garden is back for its fifth season with an expanded menu and exclusive draft beer offerings.  With an ideal location for many Center City professionals, Uptown is sure to serve up plenty of good times for folks looking to enjoy a post-work beer or cocktail in a cool space with plenty of sunshine.  Whether you’ve experienced Uptown in previous years or are new to its scene, there is plenty to love about the expansive beer garden in 2019.

Rustic tables and ethereal lighting create a chill space to enjoy a brew throughout Uptown’s 9,000 square feet.
Photo courtesy of Kory Aversa

Uptown Beer Garden boasts 3 separate bars for convenient access, plenty of seating, and a space that offers a little seclusion from the bustle of Market Street and JFK Boulevard, which border Uptown at either end.  It’s an urban oasis where you can enjoy the warm breeze while protected by shade.  The draft beers this season include exclusive pours from some of Philadelphia’s best breweries and their cocktails offer some delicious options that embody the best of the warm weather.  The Blackberry Sour, made with whiskey from Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown, is a little tart and just enough sweet, while the Sweet T puts a minty spin on a sweet tea and lemonade.

Uptown has draft beers from Love City, Evil Genius, 2SP, Sly Fox, Pizza Boy, and Mainstay Independent.
Photo courtesy of Kory Aversa

When it comes to food, Uptown is expanding its offerings from years past by bringing in Executive Chef Nathan Kilbride to create tasty tacos, fried oysters, and pork belly banh mi.  The happy hour menu includes nachos, bavarian pretzels, and $4 beers, and will run 6 days a week.  Whether you’re a serious foodie or just looking for a hearty snack to get you through a couple of rounds, Uptown has something for everybody.  While a great spot to meet up with some friends after work, it’s also a great destination for those seeking a night out in Center City.

Uptown Beer Garden is located at 1735 Market Street with entrances on Market and JFK Boulevard and is open Monday and Tuesday from 5-10PM and Wednesday-Saturday noon-midnight.  Uptown will only be open on Sundays for special events or private parties.

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  1. Good time Sat. 8/10/19 until I closed my tab out. I noticed there were two drinks on my bill that were never ordered nor received. Brought it to Shannon’s (barmaid) attention and after talking it over with another barmaid they agreed that the drinks were charged to me in error. She made another receipt with the correct price and apologized. Two days later while looking at my bank statements I noticed that I was still charged for the two drinks. I feel like I got robbed and wonder how many other unsuspecting people this happens to


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