Product and Services Review: STUMPY’S HATCHET HOUSE Bucks County

Who would have thought hatchet throwing was gonna go mainstream?  With business models like Painting with a Twist and Escape Rooms out there, the need for group activities is as prevalent as ever.  Stumpy’s Hatchet House is a rapidly growing franchise (6 open and 19 slated to open in 2019) that just added a new door in Bristol, Bucks County.

One of several enjoyable quotes and themed art placed all throughout Stumpy’s Hatchet House.

Having only seen some social media posts on buddies who have gone hatchet throwing, I had no preconceived notions.  As a theatre gal, I was most excited to “dress up” for the event by wearing flannels with my group of friends.  I’m always down for a theme party! When we walked in, clad in buffalo plaid, we fit right in!  You wouldn’t expect such a transformation of space from the outside as this location sits in an industrial park of other large businesses.  The lobby was like walking into a ski resort.  Large, open, inviting.  It’s clear they get super busy as there is plenty of space to wait. They also have a full-on merchandise store that is kitschy and fashionable.  From shoes (closed toe shoes required) to sweatshirts, all were reasonably priced!

Greeted by owners Jen Runyon and Mike Keeley, we were treated like VIPs.  Stumpy’s Hatchet House is a BYOB venue.  Our hosts took each of our beverages and snacks and took them to our section while we all filled out safety waivers and got a brief tutorial on the rules and regulations of hatchet throwing.  When our hosts walked us to our pit area, it was as if we all were walking into a planned party.  They had put all our drinks on ice and laid out our snacks.  Our pit area had comfy chairs, coffee table, bar, and bar stools and large screen TV with remote!  Each pit has two bullseye targets.  We had a group of 10 and since the venue was empty, we were able to play in two pits, giving us 4 bullseye targets.

We each cracked open a drink (beer or wine only) and got to throwing!  In my case, I did a lot of nervous screaming. The sounds are so real when the hatchet hits the wood boards my whole body would quench, and I let out a shriek followed by the best belly laughs! My counterparts on the other hand, were immediate pros! Of the ten of us, I was the only one unable to sink into the boards.  Stumpy’s also provides ample entertainment well beyond the pits.  Lawn sized Jenga, wood chip Checkers, trash can beer pong, cornhole, as well as! We participated in nearly everything Stumpy’s had to offer.  We even purchased a few t-shirts and a beer cozy!

Part of Stumpy’s business plan is to partner with local eateries and food trucks.  You can order delivery from area restaurants and on busy weekends you can find a food truck or two to provide sustenance options. Stumpy’s focus is solely on the social experience.  (#socialthrowdown) This is a wonderful 21+ venue with plenty to do in your 1-2 hour allotment.  Due to the ample seating, it’s also a great place to hold a baby shower, a bachelor party, a corporate team building event, etc.  My pals and I are giant RuPaul’s Drag Race fans and thought this would be an awesome place to watch the season finale!

There are 2 options for reserving throwing pits at Stumpy’s which is dependent on your group size. A deposit is required.


A ONE HOUR RESERVATION accommodates 1-4 people: $25 per person.

A TWO HOUR RESERVATION accommodates 5 or more people: $40 per person.

If you simply want to spectate and chill with your friends, it’s a mere $15.

It is recommended for groups of 10 or more that you request two pits. More than 20 in your group, give a call! A couple reminders, this event is 21+ and valid ID is required.  You are also required to wear closed toe shoes.  Not because you might slice a toe but rather to avoid any splinters from chipped wood!




One of the many selfie options throughout the venue. Pictured: Chelsea Panichi and Anne Marie Scalies (PL&C Editor)

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