Join the “16 Minute Man” Himself for His Movie Kickoff Press Party on April 5th

Damon Feldman, undefeated professional boxer and celebrity boxing promoter will be hosting a press party on Friday, April 5th at 7:30 PM at Anthony’s Ristorante (4990 State Road Drexel Hill, PA) to kick off his new biopic The 16 Minute Man, based on his popular memoir of the same name. Feldman, also a producer on the film, will be joined by the film’s co-producers Jackie Borock, Scott Weiner, screenwriter David Greenberg and production counselor Alex Murphy. The movie tells the story of how Feldman overcame adversity to become a rising boxing star and how a career ending injury forced him to reinvent himself into a celebrity boxing promoter.” Damon’s own second chance inspired him to give public figures such as Tanya Harding, Rodney King, Jose Conseco and Danny Bonaduce, their sixteenth minute of fame and a second chance as well.

Damon Feldman was born to be a champion. His father, Marty Feldman was a middleweight champion turned trainer and a member of the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of fame. Damon got his first taste of the celebrity spotlight when he was featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine for winning the Philadelphia Junior Olympic boxing title in the 13-and-under 112-pound class. Damon was 9-0 with 4 knockouts when another devastating blow hit him. A fall facilitated a career ending injury and he never boxed professionally again.

Determined not to let his setback keep him from what he loved, Damon became a promoter and went on to pair the most unlikely characters in the ring. He gained a national presence as he promoted and helped celebrities who were misunderstood and down on their luck, giving them their “16th Minute” of fame by stepping in the ring. His first major Celebrity Boxing match pitted Rodney King, the man whose name became synonymous with police brutality, with an ex-police officer, bringing a huge crowd. His matches got bigger and bigger, and included celebrities and tabloid characters like Danny Bonaduce, Jose Canseco, Tonya Harding, and Octo-Mom. Damon’s “never quit” attitude is creating a movement and his events have a unique way of bringing people together from all walks of life. This is a story of grit, ambition and determination to succeed in the face of adversity. It is the story of knock-downs, hard knocks and knock-outs. It is the story of a family of fighters. And most of all, it is a story of inspiration and heart.



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