Sagacious (formerly Sagacious Pen) makes her directorial debut, with a play that addresses mental illness and domestic violence abuse awareness in the LGBT community. Catch the world premier at Plays & Players Theater Skinner Studio February 6 -10th 2019.

Nobody’s Perfect” is the love story of an abused and curious woman Asia who is in a relationship with her boyfriend Damien who suffers from mental illness. Although she has never been with a woman, Asia’s interest is peaked when she meets Danielle(Dani) her cousin Crystals best friend. In the mist of Asia and Damian’s toxic relationship she leaves abruptly. With closeness comes caution and because of all the things Dani knows about Asia she realizes that the best way to a new beginnings is through proper endings and showing her that trust honesty and love is a process won over time. The question is will time work when Asia still holds on to her past? For Asia this could be the birth of healing and the beginning of a love story but only she will know because after all Nobody’s perfect.

The show’s creator, Sagacious is a first time playwright, published poet and writer. Sagacious’s words evolved from personal biographical content to inspirational and spiritual development. A minister since the age of 22, Sagacious has utilized her gift with words to reach many and chronicle stories that many individuals live through in today’s times..

About Run Boy Run Production-Producer

Run Boy Run Production was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2013 by writer, poet, and longtime host Allen Clark. Run Boy Run Production’s goal is to give you the most thought-evoking work by some of the brightest up and coming minds in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. With our work, which spans social, cultural, and various artistic spectrums, our goal is to not only awaken the intellect, but also provoke conversation about your theatrical experience. If there is one thing for sure, Run Boy Run is here to give you the experience you will run and tell someone about.

About Kween Pen Productions

Kween Pen Productions is established to be a platform for LGBT+ women of color and to teach and inspire youth to pursue their dreams in performing arts. With a unique deliverance, its founder, Kween Pen, aspires to bring peace. love. and light. to all through her endeavors. From a crown of thorns, she has evolved her gifts into a platform to express herself to the world. Not only does Kween Pen Productions deliver excellence in divine creativity, but we also strive to educate and inform our audience. We support autism, domestic violence and mental health awareness causes.

Nobody’s Perfect, written by Sagacious(formerly Sagacious Pen), will be making its debut this February, featuring at Plays & Plays during Philadelphia Theater Week. Sagacious describes this play as ” a scope on many of the hidden truths that lie in the LGBTQ community, in a dramatic, but realistically comedic manner.” The play focuses on mental illness and domestic violence abuse and how it can affect a person or persons/relationships if healing isn’t part of the process.


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