Restaurant Review: Makhani Modern Indian- Olde City

Craving some Indian food? Put down that Trader Joe’s frozen microwaveable Tikka Masala (a trademark of mine in college) and venture down to Olde City to Makhani Modern Indian!

Celebrating its opening weekend January 25th-27th, this restaurant is sure to be a hit! In addition to being a gluten-free person’s dream, the menu (prices range from $12-$20 for main dishes) is authentic  and fresh.

What makes this Indian resistant unique? Everything is made on site and fresh to order, which was brilliantly demonstrated in the butter chicken (“makhani” means “with butter”) accompanied with rice and vegetables, in a mouthwatering cashew based sauce.

In addition to the freshness of the food, the atmosphere and aesthetic of this gem is hip and fun. All artwork, including a colorful peacock taking up an entire wall, is hand drawn and impressive to say the least!

Overall- great experience! Open for lunch and dinner, but do yourself a favor and book your Valentine’s Day date at Makhani Modern Indian. You might even get a flaming dessert!


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