Chestnut Street Singers explore censorship and secrecy in music

Chestnut Street Singers Kick off 2019 With Concert Program that Explores Censorship and Secrecy in Music

Chestnut Street Singers, Philadelphia’s cooperative chamber choir, is preparing a concert program that explores works that were originally composed or performed in secret.  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS will explore how artists create works of art in times of social or political pressure.  The two concerts, performed March 15 and March 17, explore music as a tool for liberation.

Unwilling or unable to stop creating, many notable composers and poets have worked Behind Closed Doors. Others created seemingly neutral works that hid their subversion in plain sight. With works by William Byrd, Philip Moore, William Dawson, and Moses Hogan, this program explores compositions and poetry that were once shared only with a select few.

Chestnut Street Singers is a cooperative chamber choir committed to active engagement with musical traditions and their evolution. They are dedicated to presenting polished, engaging performances…while still being able to sip wine with their audience.  The ensemble is dedicated to offering concerts that are accessible––both financially and intellectually––to their friends, neighbors, and students. Therefore, in keeping with the ensemble’s mission, all concerts are pay what you wish at the door.

Behind Closed Doors will be performed on Friday, March 15 at 8PM at Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill (8855 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia) and on Sunday, March 17 at 4PM at Saint Mark’s Church (1625 Locust Street, Philadelphia).  For more information, visit

ABOUT CHESTNUT STREET SINGERS: During the long, snowy winter of 2010, a handful of Philadelphia choral singers decided that they needed more from the local music scene. Hoping for an ensemble featuring challenging repertoire, cooperative musicianship, and innovative programming, they decided to take matters into their own capable hands and founded Chestnut Street Singers.  Besides performing great and sometimes under-appreciated music, our goals are many: we cherish our place in the Philadelphia community and are dedicated to offering concerts that are accessible––both financially and intellectually––to our friends, neighbors, and students; we support the work of young composers and instrumentalists; we celebrate the varied inspirations––sometimes silly, sometimes sexy, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes all three––of classical music; and we believe that making music together is a stimulating, strenuous endeavor, one worth celebrating and supporting.

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