Theatre Review: The Audience Disturbs Marcel’s Bath Time And He Is Very Upset from Tiny Dynamite

Audience Wets Their Whistle While Marcel Takes a Bath


The iconic Tiny Dynamite theatre group continues its tradition of a Play, a Pint and a Pizza with the eponymously titled, world premier The Audience Disturbs Marcel’s Bath Time And He Is Very Upset by Ryan Bultrowicz.  If you have never attended one of their productions, you are in for a treat.  The play takes place is a cabaret atmosphere, but don’t be misled.  The show is not only engaging and entertaining, but it is also thought provoking.

Director/ Producing Artistic Director Kathryn MacMillan creates a wonderful evening both for the audience and with the audience, as they are real characters in this simple yet imaginative production.  The plot is simple on the surface. Marcel (played with charmed playfulness and ironic diffidence by Charlie DelMarcelle) begins his ritual for bath time and notices an audience.  At first, he is not sure whether it is real or not, but he cleverly gets the audience to admit their authenticity.  We are joined then by his lovely wife (rendered with wit and love by Megan Winch).  She explains the reason for our situation and further draws us into our theatrical journey.

At its core the play is an intimate investigation of “privacy.”  It is a timely subject, and it is impressive how broadly they examine it in this brief (40-minute running time) play.  The staff (Seth Thomas Schmitt-Hall, Michael Lambui, Daniel Ison, and Kat Kelly) provide an understated, yet effective support for the vision of MacMillan, DelMarcelle, and Winch.

Kudos to the support staff for their charming and helpful service.  They make everyone feel special.  It is because it is a small theater, but I believe it is because this group are nice people.  Marcel runs until December 16th at the Headhouse Café (122-124 Lombard Street).  Check for specific performance times.  Tickets are available at

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