Tribe of Fools is “Evolving” their yearly tradition with their 9th Annual Holiday Burlesque!

Fresh off of their Barrymore win for Evolving Theatre Company, Tribe of Fools is bringing back their incredibly popular Holiday Burlesque. In the spirit of their recent win at the Barryore’s this year’s theme is “Evolving.” The acts will be bigger, sillier and more sophisticated.

Tribe’s annual tradition provides a holiday themed show for adults.  Artistic Director Terry Brennan came up with the idea because “the majority of the holiday season is so geared towards kids that sometimes adults feel overwhelmed and left out.  We wanted to provide one night of holiday fun that’s just for adults.”  Brennan also remarked, “We’ve been doing this burlesque for nine years now. In order to keep people coming back we’ve had to upgrade. This year we have some comedy acts, some traditional burlesque acts and even some professional circus acts. As usual there is lots of body positivity, LGBTQ themed acts and couple of circus acts that are, well, pretty wild.”

The evening will be hosted by Nasty Frosty, played by burlesque veteran and Chlamydia Dell’Arte performer Meghann WilliamsNasty Frosty will act as the emcee over a roster of Tribe of Fools favorites including Dirty Santa, Sexually Anxious Rudolph, as well as a who’s who of Philadelphia theatre including Lesley Berkowitz, Erin Carney, Leah Holleran, Franny Calter, Janice Rowland, Peter Danzig and Theatrical Trainer. The Tribe of Fools Holiday Burlesque will be a combination of songs, dance, comedy and of course, a little bit of skin. The focus of the evening will be a comic take on the holidays and relationships in a way that you can enjoy with your friends, but not with your kids.

All proceeds will go to fund Tribe of Fools’ 2019 productions including Clown Sex-Ed, a comic take on the state of sex-ed in America featuring company members Tara Demmy and Zachary Chiero.

Both Williams and Brennan are available for interviews.  To schedule an interview with either of them you can call Terry Brennan at 215-284-1178 or reach him by email at

About Tribe of Fools
Tribe of Fools is a physical theatre company formed at The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre and has been creating original work in Philadelphia since 2003.  The company began in Germantown in 2003 and moved to South Philly in 2004.  Their signature physical stylization has earned them the titles of “stylish” and “signature sweet badass” as well as “A true theatrical powerhouse.”

In fourteen years Tribe of Fools has created sixteen original pieces including; Bedlam!, Echo, Fool, The Slightly Brown Girl,  Armageddon at the Mushroom Village (which said “danced it’s way through bitterness and despair to an end that makes Pink Floyd’s wall look like Steamboat Willie”), Dracula and Heavy Metal Dance Fag (which was hailed as “A raw-talking, blood pumping, street smart and altogether charming piece” by the Philadelphia Inquirer), Shut Your Wormhole, the “Bold Winner” Antihero, the “badass and sweet” Two Street, Zombies… with Guns!,  “Fishtown – A Hipster Noir”, School Play and Fly Eagles Fly. Tribe of  Fools has also produced nine cabarets, Valentines SUCKS!, Halloween ROCKS!, GEEK FIGHT! and April Fools RULES 2009 and 2010 as well as TheBareknuckle BurlesqueThe Return of Dirty Santa, Naughty New Years, The Rise of Nasty Frosty and The Revenge of Horny Rudolph and Santa and Frosty Breakup.

About the Show

WHO: Tribe of Fools

WHAT: Tribe of Fools Annual Burleque

WHEN: December 15th 7:00-9:00pm

WHERE: Philly Improv Theatre 2030 Sansom St Philadelphia

HOW MUCH: $15 in advance $20 at the door


For more information go to

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