Teen Arden Theatre College and Career Fair on 12/1

The Teen Arden College + Career Fair is a free event this Saturday, December 1 that will give students and their parents insight into careers in the arts through practical advice and instruction. This is an informative and exciting day, including panel discussions with Philadelphia’s leading theatre professionals, a college fair featuring regional institutions with theatre programs, and career-focused mini-classes such as:

  • Headshot 101
  • Dance Call
  • Improv
  • Production Tours
  • Stage Management 101
  • Monologue and Song Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Audition Technique
This event is FREE; registration is required.  Details on the fair are below, including session descriptions.
Saturday, December 1, 2018
11 am – 5 pm
Hamilton Family Arts Center
62 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Artist Panel: There are many paths to a future in theatre. This panel will be made up of Philadelphia’s leading theatre professionals, who will each talk about what led them to where they are today. From formal education and early jobs to key decisions and driving goals, they will share their best (and worst) decisions, giving teens food for thought as they begin their careers.

Production Panel: Theatre designers and technicians will share what led them to where they are in their careers today. They will discuss their education and work history, and answer questions like: What does a day in the life of a designer look like? What are their job responsibilities, and how do they structure their time? What does it mean to work collaboratively to bring productions to life?

Admissions and Financial Aid Panels: Parents will meet Admissions and Financial Aid Officers from several local universities who will share their unique perspectives. They will discuss key points of their areas of expertise, including the application process and financial aid strategies that will give parents the confidence to tackle college finances.

College Fair: Meet representatives from local colleges and universities to learn more about what each program has to offer and how to begin the application process.

Headshot 101:
 Work with a professional photographer to learn what makes a good headshot, how to find a photographer, and what you should expect to pay. Then, you’ll get a chance have your very own photo shoot, and leave with a sample headshot!

Dance Call: Take part in a mock dance call led by a professional choreographer, and learn a short movement combination. Through lecture and practical instruction, you’ll learn what to expect from the audition experience, and acquire the tools and confidence you will need to succeed in future dance calls.

Improv: Everyone from actors to lawyers can benefit from improvisational skills! Spend a fun-filled session with an improv teacher to learn basic techniques by playing games to practice these invaluable skills.

Production Tour: How do productions at the Arden move from page to stage? Staff will lead small groups through the Arden’s scene shop, paint deck, and prop storage to give you a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as insight into technical theatre careers.

Monologue Coaching: Work one-on-one with an acting coach to refine a monologue for future audition use. To participate, you must prepare and memorize a monologue that is no longer than one minute.

Song Coaching: Work one-on-one with a music director to refine a song for future audition use. To participate, you must prepare and memorize a 32-bar cut and provide a copy of the sheet music that includes piano accompaniment.

Stage Management 101: Want to be the one running the show? Meet a professional stage manager, and learn what it takes to organize and coordinate a theatrical production during the audition process, rehearsals, and performances.

Resume Writing: Get the tools you need to create a resume that showcases your skills and experience.  From formatting to content, you’ll be guided through resume writing’s best practices in order to present yourself in the most professional manner.

Audition Technique: Learn how to choose appropriate material, enter the audition room with confidence, and slate your name.  A professional casting director will give you pointers and practical advice to help you nail your next audition.

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