University City is about to get a little sweeter! Two new dessert concepts will open this Friday (October 19th) at 3818 Chestnut Street. I-CE-NY Philly, the original Thai rolled ice cream in Chinatown Square, will open its second location in Philadelphia. The menu will include Thai rolled ice cream rolls – or smashed ice cream – and include notable Ube and Mango Sticky Rice creations. They will be joined by the world’s debut of The Creamery Cafe and Philadelphia’s debut of freakshakes. In addition to these monstrous morphed milkshake creations, customers will be able to choose from nine flavors of unique and gourmet soft serve ice creams as well. Owner Lisa Taing will give away free Thai rolled ice cream, gourmet soft serve cones and freakshakes during lunch and dinner, between 12:00pm to 2:00pm, and 4:00pm to 6:00pm this Friday. (Choice of one product per person.) I-CE-NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe will be joined on Friday by the grand opening of Steve’s Prince of Steaks, which will be giving away free cheesesteaks, fries, and sodas during the same hours. All three are part of the brand new restaurants and retail shops at Hamilton Court by Post Brothers. For more information about I-CE-NY Philly or The Creamery Cafe in University City, visit or

I-CE-NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe are both owned and operated by lead partner Lisa Taing, who is also the new owner of Penang in Chinatown. She is also a lead partner in I-CE-NY Philly in Chinatown. She brings many years of experience in various restaurant and hospitality concepts around the region. Her partners have many years of experience also in the restaurant business and they will have a hand in opening other restaurants being announced later this year.

Taing’s brother, David (Taing), is also a lead partner in Halal Brothers and Bonchon Chicken – both of which are also coming to Hamilton Court this year. They are projected to open later this fall or in early winter.

For the two brands, I-CE-NY Philly will become the 22nd location in the United States and the second in Philadelphia. For The Creamery Cafe, this will be the first location and the first debut of freakshakes in the Philadelphia marketplace!

“I-CE-NY Philly started in Thailand as the original inventors of Thai rolled ice cream rolls. They started off as street vendors in Thailand. The first United States location opened in New York City and we brought the franchise to Philadelphia. We loved the ice cream and the product – and and the show. We have an appreciation for the taste, its history and the quality. After the success in Chinatown, we are proud to bring University City students, business people and neighbors our second location – and this quality product we so believe in,” said Lisa Taing.

She added, “Since we opened in Chinatown, the popularity of Thai rolled ice cream rolls has grown and we wanted to bring them to University City. However, we also wanted to do something different that was an original concept as well. We want to challenge our team. I-CE-NY is amazing to work with and lets us really get creative as a franchisee. We wanted to take that to the next level with The Creamery Cafe. We love playing around with flavors, textures and concepts – and we wanted to introduce freakshakes and unique flavors of soft serve to this marketplace. It made sense to create a one-stop shop for those with a sweet tooth. Our customers tend to be repeat customers and we want them to have many options to pick from.”

Experience two world-class concepts in one amazing space. I-CE-NY Philly will debut its second Philadelphia location featuring Thai rolled ice cream – also known as smashed ice cream. The Creamery Cafe will make its world debut right here in Philly. Enjoy freakshakes and unique custom soft serve flavors. Be prepared for endless possibilities. Both concepts are situated in the heart of University City, at Hamilton Court by Post Brothers. Hamilton Court will be the city’s newest food court and a major destination with up to ten eateries and retailers.


In 2011, rolled ice cream or smashed ice cream was firstly introduced to the world under the brand “I-TIM-PAD.” The company quickly stormed Thailand with 30 franchise vendor locations in the first six months. Now, it’s grown to over 250 locations all over Thailand, and Asia continent including Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia etc. In 2015, they crossed the Pacific and established the first store in New York City, called I-CE-NY. In December 2016, Taing opened the store in Philadelphia, PA called I-CE-NY – Philly! Nearly two years later, the second Philadelphia location opens in University City. I-CE-NY is the only one with ube thai rolled ice cream and mango sticky rice ice cream. They offer rotating seasonal varieties. The opening menu is now posted online at

At I-CE-NY Philly, the ice cream has a uniquely smooth and fun texture. Taing said, “Because of our distinctive freezing technique, we are able to create ice cream that is creamy and smooth by balancing the size of ice crystals and air in the ice cream. Customizing your order with mix-in ingredients, such as fresh fruits or your favorite candy bar, enhances your experience, giving you a texture you’ll keep coming back for.” Note: The level of creaminess varies based on the water content of mix-in(s) ingredient(s) the customer chooses.

The process for Thai rolled ice cream rolls starts by pouring the premium ice cream base with a choice of mix-in ingredients on the custom designed metal plate that can get as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. “We then use metal paddles to quickly chop and smash the ingredients together and spread it into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve. One of the best part of the ice cream is the experience and process of watching our team make it. We love the show!”

I-CE-NY Philly will open with about 16 combinations on the menu – and they will change with the seasons. For customers that prefer to showcase their own creativity, they can mix and match the flavor, mix-in, topping and sauce. She added, “We will make the ice cream base of your choice with your favorite ingredients right in front of you within minutes. With this customization, every cup will be unique and perfectly matched with your liking.”

At the present time, seven ice cream base flavors, 20 mix-in ingredients and more than 32 toppings are available to create endless possibilities.

When asked about the most unique dish, Taing said, “Mango sticky rice, people travel so far just to come to our I-CE-NY Chinatown location just to get the mango sticky rice. I make it every day, the sticky rice, every morning fresh from my mom’s recipe. It is a must try when we open this week!”


The Creamery Cafe welcomes you to the colors and the unique flavors of both soft serve ice cream and our cones.  Mix this with various topping offerings and freakshakes and you have a true dessert destination. Nobody else in the city is offering our delightful combinations.

The custom creamery machine will serve superior quality products and can produce nine flavors for your enjoyment. Creamy, smooth, delicious soft serve featuring unique, custom built flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

The star of the show at The Creamery Cafe will be the Philadelphia debut of freakshakes. “This will be the only location in Philadelphia region to offer freakshakes – we are proud to bring these as new dish here! “

Freakshakes are a rage in many parts of the world and the United States and will be the ultimate score for the sweet tooth in Philadelphia. The shakes are jumbo-sized mega shakes with unique flavors and themes, with over the top ingredients like cake, candy and other unique toppings. The toppings alone can be piled up to several inches high above the shakes. The opening line-up for freakshakes includes: Cookie Monster, Candy Unicorn, Peanut Butter Blast and Birthday Cake Surprise.

For soft serve, The Creamery Cafe will specialize in unique flavors and pairing them with a very unique gourmet cone.

For soft serve there will be nine flavors to pick from with at least one being a rotating seasonal flavor. Starting flavors will be Ube, Salted Caramel, Fudge Brownie, French Toast, Red Velvet Cake, Dragon Fruit Punch, Vanilla Chai and Cotton Candy. Several flavors are infused with real cereal.

Cones will be sourced from The Konery with options like Lavender, Pink Vanilla and more! The Creamery Cafe is also creating its own custom exclusive cone with The Konery. Taing said, “We wanted a custom cone that is unique to us, a gray black sesame cone that no else can order or use, it’s exclusive.”

Cones from the Konery are naturally free of dairy, eggs and preservatives. Fresh herbs, spices, natural extracts, and gourmet ingredients are baked into every cone creating a deliciously unique taste and texture.

The final offering at The Creamery Cafe will be custom milkshakes, with opening selections such as Nutella Cream, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Birthday Cake, Sweet Vanilla, Ube Coconut, Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake.


I-CE-NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe in University City will share one larger space that is just under 1,500 square feet. Table seating and lounge seating will be available. “We want people to come and enjoy ice cream with their friends, come here for date nights, bring other students for studying, or for neighbors to kick back and relax. The school week can be tough and we want to be that casual fun spot at the end of a long study day,” sad Taing.


Taing and partners teamed up well-known Philadelphia mural artist Alloyius Mcilwaine on a giant ice cream mural that is the centerpiece of the location – featuring all the various ice cream specialties, plus Philadelphia images like the Liberty Bell and Rocky, plus nods to the local colleges in the area. Make sure to take a selfie in front of the unique original artwork when you visit!


I-CE-NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe will celebrate their grand openings this Friday with a giveaway of free thai rolled ice cream, freakshakes and soft serve this Friday at same time as the Steve’s giveaway – 12:00pm to 2:00pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm. One per person, either thai rolled, shake or soft serve. Also, all products are buy one get, get free for the rest of the day Friday, plus all day Saturday and Sunday.


Up to 20 jobs will be created with those location, with the potential for more.


Open seven days a week, 11:00am to 11:00pm.


Catering is available as well – please come in person to discuss, or call the Chinatown location. Delivery will also be offered once the location is up and running.


I-CE-NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe are located on the Chestnut Street side on the first level of the exciting new food court and retail space of Hamilton Court – a new project brought to you by Post Brothers. The project when finished will have at least ten restaurants and retail shops, including Steve’s Prince of Steaks (also opening on Friday), Halal Guys, Bon Chon, Tea Do – as well as a new karaoke and speakeasy bar, plus other concepts yet to be announced.

When asked why University City and why Hamilton Court, “We love the college life, the young students, and so much energy in University City. Students and younger demographics love ice cream – but ice cream also transcends age. University City has such a diverse mix of people – outside of Chinatown this seemed like a great fit for a neighborhood for us. We were invited by Post Brothers to look at the space and they were impressed by our product and the level of service we offer over in Chinatown Square. My brother is also an owner of Bonchon and Halal, which are both signed on for Hamilton Court. We were all impressed by what Post Brothers is doing in University City – we wanted to keep it in the family, have neighboring restaurants again (like in Chinatown Square, where a Halal also exists across from I-CE-NY Philly) and be part of this new food destination.”

Taing added, “Remember, ice cream isn’t just for college students. Its for professionals, medical staff, business people, families. Everyone deserves a sweet break! Life is so much sweeter with Thai rolled ice cream!”


I-CE-NY Philly
3818 Chestnut Street
Hamilton Court
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Creamery Cafe
3818 Chestnut Street
Hamilton Court
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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