Philadelphia Film Society Introduces Curated Subscriptions for 27th Philadelphia Film Festival

Curated Subscription Packages offer attendees a guided festival experience

 The Philadelphia Film Society introduces Curated Subscription packages for the 27th Philadelphia Film Festival, spanning October 18 – October 28, 2018. With 125 films playing in this year’s festival, the Curated Subscription Packages offer attendees four options for a guided festival experience.

“This year’s line-up is incredible and one of our largest programs in recent years.” said Executive Director, J. Andrew Greenblatt. “We wanted to make sure that attendees are given the tools they need to experience the festival to the fullest based on their taste.”

“We know it can be a little overwhelming to open a program guide filled with over 100 films from around the world.” said Senior Programmer, Trey Shields. “This year, we put together these unique and diverse subscription packs to kick start the festival experience for anyone. It’s like having your own personal programmer picking out films for you. Whether they are the only films you see or just the beginning of your fest experience, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in our best program ever.”

Curated Subscription Packages are available at The full Festival schedule and digital Festival Program Guide is available on

Festival tickets are now on sale and may be purchased through the Festival website,, in-person at the main box office at the Philadelphia Film Center, or over the phone at 215-422-4970 (Monday – Saturday from 12 noon to 5:00 pm).

27th Philadelphia Film Festival Curated Subscription Packages

World Perspectives: The spirit of different countries from around the world is alive and well in these six very distinct films from their regions.

  • Woman at War – In this rousing Icelandic drama, a mild-mannered choir instructor becomes an unlikely eco-warrior when she decides to take the fight against big industry into her own hands.

  • Mug – A biting satire of prejudice and hypocrisy in rural Poland, this affecting drama follows a young man whose small town turns against him after a freak accident leaves him disfigured.

  • Birds of Passage – The mythic birth and tragic rise of the Colombian drug trade is shown as never before in this stunning epic that opened Cannes Directors’ Fortnight.

  • Happy as Lazarro – Simple-minded Lazzaro finds himself thrust into the center of a time-bending, saintly odyssey after he’s enlisted to stage a kidnapping by the rebellious son of an Italian tobacco tycoon.

  • Rakifi – On the lively, colorful Nairobi streets of the Slopes, two young daughters of local political opponents fall for each other despite the dangers if their controversial romance were to be discovered.


  • Asako I&II – After the love of her life mysteriously vanishes, a lovelorn college student attempts to move on, finding hope when a potential new beau eerily resembles the disappeared.


PFF Sampler: A little taste of everything that PFF has to offer, this package features one of everything.

  • Infinite Football – Corneliu Porumboiu brings his trademark off-kilter humor to this documentary portrait of a small-time bureaucrat on a decades-long quest to revise the rules of the world’s most popular sport.


  • Butterflies – A motley trio of siblings is reconnected after an unexpected phone call from their estranged father prompts them to return to their hometown to fulfill a surprising last request.


  • Burning – In this thriller from Lee Chang-dong, one of the modern giants of cinema, an alienated young man begins to suspect the sinister intentions of the wealthy stranger who’s won the affections of the woman he longs for.


  • The Wind – Left alone on the edge of the Western frontier, a young settler must guard her homestead and her mind against dark forces lurking just beyond her lantern’s light in this unnerving genre-bender.


  • Narrative Shorts – This year’s most enjoyed, surprising, and memorable American and international short films.


  • All Square – A small-time bookie (Michael Kelly) temporarily hits it big when he starts taking bets on little league games in this scrappy dramedy.


Dark Shadows: For fans of more daring cinema, this package offers six selections outside of The Graveyard Shift that feature edgier content.

  • Bodied – Outrageous and insightful, Joseph Kahn’s comedy follows a white, hip-hop-obsessed grad student who becomes immersed in the world of underground rap battles.


  • Border – An unusual looking border customs agent with a sense of smell so powerful it can identify criminals meets a suspicious stranger who shares her abilities in this utterly unique mystery.


  • Wild – Regardless of the harsh environment that surrounds Leo, a 22-year-old gay hustler, he longs for human connection and love, and will do anything to find it.


  • Pig – As a serial killer targeting the country’s best filmmakers terrorizes Tehran, one cocky but deeply neurotic director doesn’t know whether to be fearful or offended not to have made the hit list in this Iranian satire.


  • Diamantino – In the most bizarre, puppy-filled political satire of the year, disgraced international soccer star DIAMANTINO unknowingly becomes the center of a Portuguese conspiracy to secede from the EU.


  • Donnybrook – Amidst the opioid epidemic infecting America’s rust belt, down-and-out ex-Marine Jarhead Earl (Jamie Bell) battles for a large cash prize in an underground boxing ring against a raging madman.


Festival Circuit: Culled from the year’s biggest fests from around the world, these are titles currently not slated for US distribution. See them while you have a chance!

  • Sofia – When a Moroccan woman unexpectedly gives birth to a child and is reluctant to name the father, she must face the harsh repercussions of Casablanca law and the dishonoring of her family.


  • Foreboding – Kiyoshi Kurosawa continues to dazzle audiences with his newest cult sci-fi entry that explores an alien race’s invasion of earth to further understand life, love, hate, and death.


  • To the Ends of the World – After a massacre leaves him the sole survivor, a French WWII soldier goes rogue in the nightmarish jungles of Indochina in search of revenge as his own heart descends into darkness.


  • Amin – A solemn Senegalese immigrant in Paris finds himself in a moral struggle after he strikes up a fleeting romance with a recent divorcee while raising money for his wife and children back home.


  • Dead Pigs – Following the crisscrossing paths of several eccentric characters, this ensemble satire captures the outrageous showdown between tradition and modernity in rapidly developing Shanghai.


  • L’Animale – Tomboy Mati is treated just like one of the rowdy boys in her dirt bike gang, but when she rejects a fellow rider’s admiration, her exclusion from the group forces her to set a new course.

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