New Sports Bar and Club: Stats on 17th Coming to Rittenhouse in Early September

Stats on 17th


111 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Rittenhouse, Center City, Philadelphia

Mark Butler (MJB Builders)

Interior Designer(s):
Ashley Govberg (ACG LLC)

Justin Veasey

Owner Bio:
Justin is one of the city’s youngest up-and-coming restaurateurs and club owners.  At 25 years old, Justin will launch his first 10,000+ square feet space with Stats on 17th. Looking ahead, he is already working on an even larger restaurant concept to be announced in early 2019 – with plans after that to establish a formal restaurant and hospitality group.

Justin was born and raised in South Philadelphia. He has been in the restaurant and hospitality business since the age of 16 doing every job from bar backing, serving, bartending, managing and even cooking. His resume includes Chickie’s and Pete’s, Ventura’s Greenhouse, to most recently Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse.

“I went into the hospitality business with the mindset that you never know who you are going to meet on any given day. There’s a new connection behind every door.  I grew a huge following of regulars who pretty much would to hang out at all the places I worked to talk and hang out daily. CEO’s, Business Owners, and athletes who have become so close – and I am thankful to have their support as I open my first bar.”

Justin is joined at Stats on 17th with support from investor Danny Govberg. Danny has owned and founded several bars in Philadelphia’s history, including the original G Lounge.

Bartending Team:
Look for well-known industry pros from around the region, such as Chuck McHugh from Shenanigans, Ladder 15, and Xfinity, Renata Giansante from For Pete’s Sake, Daryl McCallion from Vesper and Smith’s on 19th, and many other industry veterans.

General Managers:
Justin Veasey (owner)

Ryan LeBon – formerly of DOWN Nightclub
T-Fish – winner of three hospitality awards, who will be running the door on a daily basis

Website: (coming soon)


Concept Summary:
Stats on 17th is an upscale sports bar and nightclub where patrons from around the region can enjoy great food while they enjoy watching all of their favorite sports games, plus come out on Friday and Saturday nights for top DJ’s, great entertainment and dancing.

Stats on 17th will be the hot spot in the city for game day. The sprawling 10,000 space will feature dozens of HD televisions and projection walls, two main bars, private seating, bottle service, high top and lounge seating, decor paying homage to Philly’s sports teams, and much more. Bar service includes beer by the draft, can and bottle, a full selection of premium spirits, wine and specialty cocktails. The kitchen will offer elevated sports bar and pub favorites. Every Sunday, the place to be will be #StatsSundays that brings the shore feel to the city with everything from food, drink, entertainment and sports viewing.

Inspiration for the Name and Stats Wall:
The name “Stats” came from the sports term “Statistics” which is a term that shows your production and numbers that a player puts up in their career. Justin said, “We thought the name was a cool play on words and connection between a sports bar and the nightlife industry. Bar patrons are known in the industry based off of who they are, what they drink, what teams they like etc, which is at our establishment is now your personal ‘Stat.’ Stat cards will be given to patrons that we feel brand qualifies to be on our special wall when you enter the lobby.”

Justin added, “The concept is that if you are either a good regular, a sports player, someone known in the city, or just the average joe that might be in from out of town and comes in and enjoys the place; we are going to take your picture on the spot and take down three things about you, ‘your stats.’ Once we have your three “Stats” you are going to autograph it and we are going to post it on our wall that everyone will see as you enter!”New Game Day Hot Spot:
Stats on 17th is the new hot spot for game day. Look for over 20 HD TV’s showing a variety of sports games on a daily basis, including the NFL Sunday Ticket, College Football, Basketball, Soccer, UFC, Hockey and more. Four large-scale projectors will cater to VIP private lounge areas where the hot game of the day will be broadcast, or the game requested by the VIP customer. Each VIP area gets its own dedicated private projector.

Projected Hours and Days of Operation:
Mondays – 4:00pm to 12:00pm (Monday Night Football Specials)
Tuesdays – 4:00pm to 12:00pm
Wednesdays – 4:00pm to 12:00pm
Thursdays – 4:00pm to 12:00pm
Thursdays – 4:00pm to 12:00pm (Thursday Night Football Specials)
Fridays – 11:00am to 8:00pm (Transition to nightclub 9:30am to 2:00am)
Saturdays – 11:00am to 8:00pm (Transition to nightclub 9:30am to 2:00am)
Sundays – 11:00am to 12:00am (Sunday Funday/ #StatsSundays)

Projected Kitchen Hours – To be confirmed during opening:
Mondays through Thursdays – 4:00pm to Midnight
Fridays and Saturdays – 11:00am to 8:00pm
Sundays – 11:00am to 11:00pm

Happy Hour:
Happy Hour will launch a few weeks after opening, from Monday through Thursday, 4:00pm to 7:00pm with drink and food specials. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays look for different all-day drink specials.

Brunch Pop-ups:
Down the road, look for pop-up brunch on select weekends.

Kitchen Menu:
The menu will feature all of your game day favorites – with a selection of 20+ elevated sports bar and pub dishes. Look for a selection of chicken wings, sliders, paninis, flatbreads, salads, pizzas and more.

Catering for off-premise events will also be offered later after opening phase.

Beverage Program:
Five draft beers, signature cocktails on draft, 15 bottled beer choices include some craft selections, selection of cans, Truly Spiked Seltzers, full selection of spirits, and signature cocktail list. Beer program will be mix of popular sports bar favorites with several selections of craft on draft, bottles and cans. Spirits selection will feature 30+ including vodka, gins, rums, scotches, whiskeys and a selection of well priced champagnes including Ace of Spaces, Dom Perignon and Moet Chandon. Cocktails will be crowd pleasers named after Philadelphia sports teams, players and well known plays from over the years.

VIP Area:
At the center of Stats on 17th is the elevated VIP area that will take inspiration from a baseball dugout – giving you a private VIP area with a sports bar concept feel. Look for brown leather chairs, couches, private projectors and more. Each VIP area will be designed with different sports memorabilia based on the four main Philadelphia sports teams – Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies.

Bottle Service:
Bottle service in the VIP area is available seven days a week. During the week, patrons patrons can get a table and a projector for Monday or Thursday football, and order bottle service or have the choice to order from the bar/food menu. Package deals will also be available that combine food and drink.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the VIP area will feature a higher tier priced bottle service menu, plus some affordable pricing options. The idea is for an upscale game day experience, but making several options available for Stats fans.

DJ and Dancing:
On Friday and Saturday nights, look for Stats to convert to a nightclub with top Philadelphia DJ’s like DJ Hollywood and DJ Stampone.

Square Feet:

Estimated at 450 to 500

Stats on 17th is overhauling the former Clubhouse space to create the ultimate sports experience. The former ice room and escape rooms will be taken out. At the present time, the ice room will become behind the scenes storage. The escape rooms are under development as possible media rooms – but this is pending. The main elevated area will become the bottle service VIP area with inspiration from a baseball dugout. It will keep the sports bar theme while elevating the patrons up from the dance floor.

Bar Seating:
Back Bar – 15-20 seats
Front Bar – 15-20 seats

Full Club Seating:
Up to 450 – bar, high tops, dining tables, VIP, lounge seating

Private Party and Corporate Rentals:
The current layout means up to five prime event spaces, including the two bars and adjacent lounges, the VIP bottle service area, the dance floor, and the adjacent game/club room. The space is also flexible and can be subdivided in other ways and space can be arranged to fit any need.

Private Parties, VIP Bottle Service, Corporate Rentals:

Valarie Ross

Vibe and Decor:
From the minute you enter Stats on 17th, you are entering the ultimate game day experience. Look for the Stats wall in the front lobby and coming down the stairs where we shout-out to our top VIP patrons. As you enter the main club and bar area, look for tribute to all your favorite Philly sports teams. We will also feature great sports memorabilia, from signed belts from world-famous boxers, to a signed hockey stick, to the championship rings to try on. Our goal is to give you the ultimate sports experience as a first-hand VIP.

What Makes Stats Unique:
“I am aiming for Stats on 17th to be the top spot in Center City for game day. We want you to come, watch the games, enjoy Sunday Funday and dayload with us, dance into the night, and experience top quality hospitality at its finest. We want to offer a unique fun setting that pays homage to our local teams, while offering a VIP experience that doesn’t break the bank. We will have options for everyone – from those seeking a private scene at a VIP table with their friends, to the main bars and open areas to make new ones.”

Jobs Created:
30 to 50 to start, with more to be added

Hiring and Team:
“Everyone should be treated like a VIP – no matter who you are. After years in the hospitality industry, that is my goal. Everyone should be able to have fun and feel comfortable at Stats on 17th. We want each of our bartenders to connect to partrons on a personal level – so no matter who is serving you, it is always a great time at Stats,” said Justin.

Stats on 17th is in advance hiring phase – and the team is being finalized next week. If you are interested in a position, stop by in person with both a resume and a cover letter.

Connection to the Space:

One of Justin’s investors actually owned the original G Lounge back in the day – and Justin bartended there. They have always had a place in their heart and much history with the space. When it became available, the timing was right to bring a new concept and give the space new life.

Grand Opening Schedule:
VIP and Media Private Preview – Wednesday, September 5, 2018 (Not open to public)
Grand Opening Day – Thursday, September 6, 2018 for the Eagles game
Grand Opening Weekend – Thursday, September 6- Sunday, September 9, 2018
First #StatsSundays – Sunday, September 9, 2018 –

Look for DJ schedule for opening weekend, plus the line-up for the first #StatsSundays. “StatsSunday will debut grand opening weekend on Sunday, September 9th. This will be a huge welcome back from the shore dayload party with food, drink, games on the TVs and entertainment. The Eagles are off – come out and get the season started with us,” said Justin.

What’s Next:
Look for Stats on 17th to launch formal happy hour program later in September. After Stats on 17th is open for several months, look for Justin to announce his next project – a large-scale full service restaurant in Center City. Stats on 17th is the first of many projects to come.

Other Stats:
Look for information about bag-o games, dining tables, banquettes, seating for large parties, a DJ booth and other details coming during opening.


  1. Is this a joke? This kid is nothing more than a glorified waiter or bus boy. This looks like just a mobbed up bar that will be closed in 6 months. I’m sure skinny joey will be coming for drinks too lmao


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