“Stina is named after the love of my life, Christina. She is an inspiration to me and so many other people in this community. Stina is my nickname for her and this place is an ode to her,” said Chef Bobby.

1705 Snyder Avenue
(Newbold Neighborhood, On Border of West Passyunk)

Executive Chef Bobby Saritsoglou and Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou (Co-Founder of Philly AIDS Thrift)

Landmark Architecture

Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou

This is a very personal project for the couple – and Christina will bring the couple’s very specific and unique style to the restaurant’s design aesthetic.

Late October or early November, 2018

900 square feet

28 seats inside anticipated – tables and banquet seating

Yes coming in 2019

Six to eight jobs to start, with the potential for more after opening

Executive Chef Bobby Saritsoglou and Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou present Stina, a casual BYO neighborhood eatery in South Philadelphia’s Newbold neighborhood.

Chef will draw inspiration for the menu from the many countries and cuisines of the Mediterranean. The menu will center around foods cooked in the wood fired oven. Look for pizza, handmade pasta, salads, desserts and many vegetable offerings. While the menu will feature Chef’s version of familiar favorites, look for him to push the boundaries and elevate the casual cuisine through local sourcing, seasonal selections and inventive rotating specials.

Stina will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner service with dine-in, take-out and delivery. Stina will support the local community by hosting neighborhood events and programs, and through a monthly donation program for local charities. Stina is a passion project for the duo that will bring together their love of food, love of the fringe, love of their neighborhood and their love of each other. Look for them to welcome you inside their new home away from home at Stina – coming this fall.


Stina Pizzeria is organized by two core principles: first, to offer delicious brick oven pizza and Mediterranean fare made from the finest and freshest locally sourced produce at an affordable price; and second, to serve the surrounding community beyond the bounds of the restaurant.  As residents of Newbold for over a decade, Chef Bobby and his wife Christina plan to donate a portion of its sales on a monthly basis to many local charities, community projects and school programs.

Stina will feature a Morello Forni wood fired oven shipped from Genoa Italy. Chef Bobby added, “It will be the heart of the operation, from pizza to bread to roasted meats and vegetables all gently kissed by smoke,” said Chef Bobby. “This will be our only cooking implement so it will be our work horse.”

Stina’s dining room will feature a casual eclectic vibe that is an extension of their personal on the fringe style of their very own living room and kitchen at home. They have been sourcing from local flea markets, thrift stores and vintage shops for hidden gems that will give Stina its unique flair.

Stina’s space was best known for decades as a local neighborhood candy shop. Most recently, the location was a cupcake shop and a clothing store.

Chef Bobby found the location when he was searching for a potential restaurant space. He was on his way home and noticed the vacant property. While it didn’t look like much in its former condition, Chef Bobby and Christina went back to visit and saw the potential of the space and the block. They not only saw the home of their new restaurant, but a centrally located space west of Broad where they could bring together neighbors over a shared love of food. The space was a win-win on all fronts. They secured the lease in August of 2017 and began work on the building in September 2017.

“The space needed a lot of TLC. However, we fell in love with it and its potential – plus it is so close to home. It is a unique size and shape – and the layout is just what we were looking for. The sidewalk is a good size and our imaginations went wild. We met the neighboring businesses, and it all just felt right,” said Chef Bobby. “The block Stina is on looks like a Main Street on the verge of coming back to its prime. There is a lot of stores but not many places to eat around West Passyunk. The restaurants and brewing companies are moving in and we want to be part of that energy. It also is on the fringe, which we love, and close enough to our favorite chefs and stores on Broad Street and East Passyunk.”

In the last year, the couple have worked hard on a complete transformation of the space. As the couple finishes the construction and heavy lifting, they enter the final months of details and decorating.

Stina is located on the edge of Newbold and West Passyunk – both up-and-coming food and drink neighborhoods located in South Philadelphia. The area surrounding the restaurant showcases diversity at its finest, with many different cultures melding together.

“What excites us about the neighborhood is the wonderful diversity that already exists, people from the Middle East, Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia, Italy as well as our neighbors on either side of us from Asia and West Africa,” said Chef Bobby.  “Stina is in the middle of so much culture, neighborhood character and history. We are thrilled to join new and old businesses around us, like Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the International Gourmet Market, ARS Brewery, Cafe Naan, La Mula Terca, and Thirsty Souls, which have been life-giving to some of these forgotten blocks. We can’t wait to be part of this rebirth.”

Stina will bring to the neighborhood fresh, hand-made food at an affordable price. Each month, a portion of sales will be directly given back to the neighborhood. Bobby and Christina will also be good stewards of the up-and-coming block through planting trees and flowers, keeping the sidewalks clean, organizing neighborhood clean-ups, and having a presence in a long abandoned space being brought back to life.

Stina’s anticipated opening days of the week and hours will be Tuesday through Saturday, for lunch and dinner service, from 11:00am to 10:00pm. Down the road, Stina will explore opening additional days of the week and brunch service.

Catering for private events will be offered.

To be announced.



Stina will be walk-in only to start.

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