All Female Team Explores the Definition of New Feminism at the 2018 Philly Fringe Fest

Philly’s diverse female-led company brings laughs, song and dance as they question history

An emerging theater initiative supporting women+ in NYC and Philadelphia, Radiant Bloom Productions presents a show fueled by the passion of female theater performers. With songs and stories that inspired the women’s rights movement, The F Word is a world premiere musical that asks who gets to define feminism now. ​The show plays 4 performances September 15th-19th at Asian Arts Initiative at 1219 Vine Street. Performance times are Saturday at 3pm and 8pm, Monday at 7pm and Tuesday at 7pm. Tickets are $20, $15 with Student/Industry discount and can be purchased online at ​​ or at the door.

The show consists of two acts. The first act traces back to the first women’s rights convention in the US in 1848-the actors perform songs such as ‘Let Us All Speak our Minds’, ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and ‘You Don’t Own Me’ as they rediscover the past. The second act follows the second and third waves of feminism from 1970 through the present as the women struggle to find their place in the modern movement and address intersectionality with songs such as ‘If I Was A Boy’ and ‘Just A Girl’.

“Everything happening in today’s climate forced us to want to look back at feminist history and reckon with what the word means now,” says writer Irene Molloy, “we also wanted to take the conversation off of social media and have it in real life using the power of music to help us connect.”

Radiant Bloom Productions​ was founded by Irene Molloy and Meredith Beck who have performed together for 7 years in theater productions and musical concerts (Kimmel Center, Bucks County Playhouse, Somerville Theater). ​Their mission is to provide platforms in entertainment for stories told by women+ and to create opportunities for women in leadership roles. ​The F Word​ was written by Irene Molloy, a performer/director who wanted to understand the different sides of the arguments surrounding feminism through music.

ABOUT THE FRINGE FESTIVAL: The Fringe Festival​ is a 16-day-long performing arts celebration that takes over Philadelphia every September, boasting hundreds of performances by international, national and Philadelphia-based artists, presented by FringeArts. . The city’s public and private spaces are filled with a curated series of world-class performances and artists independently producing their own work in the true spirit of the international “fringe” movement. The party continues every night with FringeArts’ Late Night programming in its beautiful venue on the Delaware waterfront – which houses the La Peg restaurant and bar, as well as an outdoor beer garden with a spectacular view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. This signature event offers an unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest arts experimenters at one time, in one city.

ABOUT FRINGEARTS: FringeArts​ is Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performing arts, showcasing arts innovators from around the globe and cultivating world-class Philadelphia- based artists. FringeArts plays a vital role in Philadelphia’s vibrant artistic community by presenting a year-round programming series of cutting-edge dance, theater, and music performances presented at its striking venue on the Delaware waterfront; the annual Fringe Festival which takes over Philadelphia with hundreds of artistically daring and socially engaging performances; and by providing opportunities for Philadelphia artists to develop and showcase new work.
FringeArts believes in art making that tests boundaries—inspiring new ideas, passionate discussion and conceptual thinking, all essential for a healthy and vibrant society. FACT SHEET FOR THE F WORD​:​Musical
PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE Saturday September 15 at 3:00PM and 8:00PM Monday September 17 at 7:00PM Tuesday September 18 7:00PM

CREDITS Writer: Irene Molloy Director: Lauren Widner Cast Members: Meredith Beck Kalyn West Demetria Bailey Heeya Kim Kimberly Onah

The F Word​ is made possible through the generous support of Small But Mighty Arts and the contributions of Fringeathon.

TICKET INFORMATION Tickets are $20/$15 with Student/Industry discount Call 215-206-5458 or visit ​​ to purchase tickets. Also available at the door.

CALENDAR LISTING Ask yourself the question: what does feminism mean? It’s easy to get confused in the deluge of information coming our way. Emerging women’s theatre group Radiant Bloom explores the women’s rights movement using songs throughout history. Five diverse women face conflicts and address intersectionality while telling stories of the powerful women who came before them. They perform well-known songs like ‘I Am Woman’ and ‘I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free’ with a live band. Recently profiled in the Bucks County Intelligencer, Radiant Bloom seeks to empower women to hold a mirror up to themselves using art to engage with the present and create the future. At Asian Arts Initiative 1219 Vine Street.


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