Book Review: “DEATH LOGS OUT” is a roller coaster ride of a technological thriller

As the third installment of the Alex Nicholas series, “DEATH LOGS OUT” does not disappoint. Since it is not the first book, I did have to do a tiny bit of searching for the backstory of the first two novels before I was able to start reading. After a few minutes reading the synopses of E.J. Simon’s “DEATH LOGS IN” and “DEATH NEVER SLEEPS“, I was ready to delve in.

Alex Nicholas was once a powerful boss of an underground gambling operation called Tartarus, but since his death, his brother Michael inherited his throne. Although Michael was also head of a Fortune 500 company, he became the enemy of everyone that had hated his brother. Alex was murdered in the beginning of this series, only to come back using artificial intelligence software that he invested in before his death. He is able to continue to communicate with Michael, which is especially helpful when he realizes Michael is in danger.

The first two novels go on to have plenty of twists and turns, and a large amount of drama and mystery to them. The third book brings more names into the game. Since Michael has managed to stay successful with his day job and his new career in sports betting and loan sharking, he has more enemies. Luckily for him, he has Alex to do all of the technological stuff. This book seems like it has dozens of settings, from Rome and Vatican City, to Paris and New York City. It is almost rare to see two chapters in a row—mind you, the chapters are only a few pages long at most—that are set in the same location.

E.J. Simon, Author of three technological thriller novels.

Michael is being hunted by some other powerful men, including one in high position at the Vatican and Nazi-like worshippers in Berlin. One main plotline that made me very anxious and kept me from putting the book down was on an airplane. Michael was on board and was receiving messages from Alex asking his location and telling him not to get on the plane. Well, the flight had already reached peak altitude, so there was no getting off now. That’s when Michael started to feel a bump.

The plane had been placed on Auto-pilot, but Paolo, a young computer genius at the Vatican, disengaged it. The crew was obviously confused by this, but was able to talk manual control of the aircraft. But seconds later, Paolo switched off their manual controls and brought it all to his computer. The pilots had no control and the gauges had all frozen. They were like sitting ducks. Dropping quickly from 35,000 feet to 18,000 feet over the dark ocean, Paolo started to feel like he was doing something wrong. He was under direct orders from Monsignor Schlegelberger, but he could not stand to look at the cockpit camera.

As Paolo tried to figure out how to give control back to the pilots, his screen went blank. Frantically pushing buttons, Alex’s face appeared. Paolo was able to convince Alex that he was now trying to fix it, so Alex left. Shocked and confused by the site of a living dead man, he got back to the controls and tried to save the plane. Only 7,000 feet above water, passengers were screaming, alarms were booming, and luggage was flying around. Just then, the pilot was able to reclaim control of the plane. Before Paolo could think, his commander Schlegelberger was calling.

As you can imagine, there is a lot more to the story. There are more bad guys and more people on Michael’s side. He finally, for the first time since his brother’s death, felt safe. In the end, I thought this was a great technological thriller. There was never a slow moment to get bored. Character development was well-thought out, as well as the story line. There were times when the formatting threw me off slightly but I eventually got used to it. I definitely suggest this for anyone that likes thrillers. Now I have to get my hands on the first two in the series!

Head over to E.J. Simon’s website to learn more about him and his other novels, and to check out his blog. Keep an eye out for his 4th installment, “DEATH IN THE CLOUDS“.

It doesn’t seem like a copy of “DEATH LOGS OUT” can be found at any area bookstores, but it is being sold on Amazon.

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