Original musical Basic Witches to enchant and enlighten at 2018 Philly Fringe Festival


Musical theater writers, composers, and lyricists John Egan and Robi Hager will present three staged readings of their 90 minute show, Basic Witches, at this fall’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It is directed by Philadelphia favorite, Steve Pacek.

The story centers on four famous witches vying for the title of Supreme Witch when a newcomer enters the fray and challenges what it means to be “supreme.” Audiences will be charmed by original musical numbers and choreography, while also being challenged to evaluate their perspectives on gender and sexuality. Early supporters of Basic Witches have already proclaimed its vast potential following a similar reading staged in June of this year. The show carries this momentum to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and a fully-staged production in October.
Halloween Hills, the backdrop for Basic Witches, is no ordinary neighborhood. All manner of creature, be they human or animal, roam its streets to spill some tea, throw all the shade, and clap back at anyone who dares to glare with a savage side eye. The audience will be immersed in the magic, the music, the mystery, and the mayhem that consumes this town at the end of every October. The time has come… to crown Halloween Hills’ newest Supreme Witch.

Pissi Myles, Winner of Philly Drag Wars Cycle 4, is cast as Oceana. Miss Elanious, Winner of Philly Drag Wars Cycle 9, is cast as Westernia. Vincent Celeiro is cast as Davanity, and AJ Jackson is cast as Strudella. Eric Jaffe, World Ukulele Champion and host of The Eric Jaffe Show, is cast as the Host. Recent
UArts graduate Sav Souza is cast as Eddie and returning to the Philadelphia stage, Bren Thomas is cast as Punkin’ the orange cat.

Barrymore nominees Christopher Haig and Jillian Keys, are designing the Set and Costumes respectively. Daniel X Guy is production manager.

Performed by drag queens and queer artists, BASIC WITCHES is a musical for anyone who feels a little bit witchy and a little bit basic. Experience the magic of original musical theater at the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.
Go to for more information on venue, dates and times of performances. Follow BASIC WITCHES on Instagram and Facebook at @basicwitchesmusical.

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