Product Review: R-E-S-P-E-C-T spells BURGERS!

Respect® Wagyu Beef Burgers and Turkey Burgers are a wonderful staple to your summer BBQ lineups.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been gathering for “family night” at a friends house in Garnet Valley.  A group of 6 who take turns making meals.  This is a tough endeavor to adhere to six different food restrictions, most notably eggs and dairy! So, when Respect® reached out about their burgers, I wasn’t sure when I would be able to give them a test run.  Fortunately, they offered both their Wagyu Beef AND Turkey Burger options.

What is Respect® Wagyu Beef?

“Wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cow.  Japanese beef is world renowned for it’s superior marbling, resulting in tenderness with an exquisite buttery flavor.

Respect® Wagyu Beef Burgers (27 grams of protein) are 100% Vegetarian-fed cattle raised in the USA; No Antibiotics EVER; No Added Hormones, these burgers can be made on skillet or grill.  We opted for grill.  For $7.99 in a pack of 3, half our group was able to test out this juicy burger.  It’s not your average frozen burger.  It thawed like it was fresh.  With zero spice additions, we simply served the burger with monterey jack cheese on a potato bun. Our grill master for the night, “These are damn good!”

Respect®Turkey Burgers (20 grams of protein)are also $7.99 per pack but come with 6 so you get more bang for your buck.  It is suggested to cook these turkey burgers on a skillet in their own juices, we opted to grill as well.  Who wants to cook in the kitchen during 99 degree heat? With just three ingredients, this burger was the hit of the evening.  Made from Turkey raised with No Antibiotics EVER on an all vegetarian diet with sea salt and rosemary extract.  Served on a potato bun and a splash of balsamic glaze, this turkey burger was close to gourmet.  It truly blew my mind that this was a FROZEN turkey burger.  No dairy restriction for me so I had some pepper jack cheese on mine. Immediately the ideas to embellish this burger were endless.  Add some guacamole?  How about an egg?  Or maybe some smoked bacon?  Not because the burger needed anything extra, but simply because it was that good I could see myself eating a ton of them over the summer months.

Respect® Burgers can be located at your closest Wegman’s.  They are going to catapult in the raw frozen meat category.  I suggest you grab a couple boxes and bring to the next tailgate at Citizens Bank Park.  Your guests will love you for it!

Respect®Wagyu Beef and Turkey Burgers (Italian Sweet Sausage also pictured but not Respect®brand)

About Respect® Wagyu Beef Burgers

Take your beef burgers to the next level of taste and quality with our authentic Wagyu Beef Burgers, made from 100% vegetarian-fed, Midwest-raised cattle. Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed known for its amazing buttery taste and abundant marbling. Next time you’re grilling, surprise your guests – and their taste buds – with these premium burgers. Made from 100% Wagyu beef that has NO antibiotics or added hormones. Made in the USA, Respect Wagyu Beef and Turkey Burgers can be purchased at Wegmans in the Northeast, with additional retailers coming soon. Packaging is 100% recyclable. Learn more about Respect Foods and their mission at


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