Product Review: My Mighty Magnet (and it’s many purposes)

I’ve always been the type of person who loves showing off photos in my living space but I never really liked the hassle of finding the right size frame or figuring out a way to hang it without ruining the wall, plus I liked to switch photos out frequently depending on the season and the fun events that I had going on in my life at the time.  I usually would end up just scotch taping the photos to the wall which looked tacky and didn’t stay up! I would have loved to have a product like My Mighty Magnet, which I have had the opportunity to try out over the last few weeks.


The Mighty Magnet, by Mishu Designs, is a 57 inch cable that comes with 9 super strong tiny magnets.  It can be hung vertically or horizontally to display photos, holiday cards, office notes, reminders, kids’ art work, to do lists, and so on.  They’re perfect for pretty much any location- office, home, classroom, dorm room- and they offer 60 magnet designs, from a simple gem shape for a more sophisticated and simple look, to tiny words like “selfie” and “camp” for your fun tween, to little apples for your favorite teacher!  The magnets are very strong (Mighty, you could say!) and keep your photos or lists up until you remove the magnet, even holding up to 8 pieces of paper (I checked!).

What I like is how versatile it is.  The different designs are age appropriate and can be changed, depending on your mood, because you can buy the magnets separately and you can hang so many different things.  I’ve compiled just a few ways I’ve personally thought of to use these, in case you are still not convinced that you should get one (or five!):


  • Display decorative holiday photos (easy to change out throughout the year)
  • Display holiday cards from friends and family
  • Hang pictures of long distance family members on your kids’ bedroom walls to help them remember their loved one they don’t get to see often
  • Hang your kid’s art work instead of sticking it on the fridge (come on, we all know that’s not a good look!) or poking a pushpin through it
  • Put on in each of your kids’ rooms to leave them chore notes or reminders
  • Hang it over your office desk to hang to-do lists, meeting reminders, phone numbers, etc. instead of using sticky notes that fall off within a couple of hours
  • Post your favorite quotes and affirmations… anywhere!
  • Create a photo display for your wedding, bridal or baby shower, or big birthday party!
  • Make a picture wall in your dorm room without having to put holes in the wall
  • Create a photo display of your favorite Philly parks, bars, or buildings, or landmarks!  
  • Give it to someone as a creative graduation or birthday gift!


I will definitely be using My Mighty Magnet for future holiday card, toddler art, and photo displays and only wish it had existed before I wasted all of that scotch tape!


Go get yours at!

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