Book Review: “A BETTER PLACE” sheds light on gun violence

Pati Navalta Poblete is the author of the memoir, “A BETTER PLACE“, which was sparked by the tragic death of her son Robby in 2014. Killed in broad daylight on a busy street in Vallejo, California, he was only 23 at the time. He was learning how to weld while working at a biotech company. He had the goal of opening up his own weld shop, when he was killed by an illegally obtained firearm that was sold on the street.

Author Pati Navalta Poblete and her son Robby.

Poblete’s memoir describes her pain and sorrow with dealing with a sudden loss. She lost a child that had his entire future ahead of him. A single act of unnecessary violence ended the life of her son in just an instant. Her writing is so pure and sincere. Anyone can tell that she is a family woman and would do anything for them. She has such an articulate speech, whether it comes from her heart or she is being straightforward about injustice.

With two Pulitzer Prize nominations for Journalism, it is clear that Poblete knows how to create a story. She is very outward about how her unfortunate experience has helped to morph her thoughts and feelings. She was able to drag herself out of what can be assumed was an awful time in her life, to end up with hope. It is with this hope for the future that she created the Robby Poblete Foundation.

The stories of Robby that are entwined in the story make him seem so real, not just a memory. If you’ve ever lost a loved one before, this book will most likely be a tear-jerker. It can certainly be used to help yourself cope with grief. I found this memoir to be calming, yet emotionally exhausting. It is a must-read in my opinion!

Definitely check out the Robby Poblete Foundation to learn more and find out ways that you can help end gun violence. You can make a tax-deductible donation or become a volunteer. The Foundation also does a gun buyback, which has helped get about 250 firearms out of circulation, teaches about gun safety, and distributes free gun locks. Then, the guns go to the Art of Peace project, turning the unwanted firearms into artwork that is put on exhibit in the areas that came from.

An example of a work that was done by “Labor and Love” for an Art of Peace Exhibit. Made from rifles, handguns, and over 300 shell casings, they share messages of love and tolerance.

Watch this clip of Poblete’s story done by KTVU in California.

A copy of “A BETTER PLACE” can be found at Joseph Fox or on Amazon.

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