Product Review: A sip back in time with Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea

There is nothing better than a home brewed glass of iced tea, especially in the heat of the summer. Over the weekend we had a few gatherings with friends and family and took the opportunity to see what they thought of Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea, both varieties. They loved them, and were shocked when it was revealed one variety was actually Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea- No Calorie (sugar free).

For me, the freshness of the first sip brought me back to my Grandmom’s porch. Sitting on her swing, eating crackers, sipping tea, and just talking. It was such a sweet flashback in time and made me realize how lucky I was. Even the labels are reminiscent of a simpler time.  

Milo’s Tea’s have an old fashioned, all natural, pure flavor. You can tell there is nothing artificial about the Famous Sweet Tea! The tea was smooth and clean tasting, not anything like many other bottled teas that contain a grittiness and powder residue on the bottom of the container. Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea- No Calorie, has no strange diet after taste, and we found ourselves checking and double checking the label to make sure it was actually the No Calorie variety.

Milo’s Sweet Tea would be a perfect addition to a stroll through Old City or sitting sipping when relaxing down the shore. Enjoy!

“Our family of high-quality teas are made with natural ingredients and never use added colors or preservatives.”

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