Feeling proud approaching Philadelphia’s 30th Pride celebratory weekend

Happy Pride, everyone! It’s that time of year again where people start posting everything on Facebook with a rainbow background, the rainbow emoji is in high demand and all the thirst traps on Instagram are posting shirtless pictures donning a rainbow flag as a cape. Yes, it can seem “extra”, but we’ve earned it. It’s awesome to celebrate who we are as a community and where we’ve come from.

I went to lunch today with a friend and the topic of “coming out” came up. I actually enjoy being reminded how unique and special my experience was and how lucky I am compared to many others. I started accepting I was “different” around the age of 14. Now, LGBTQ+ culture was far from foreign to me. At that point in time, I had already worked extensively as a child actor in regional theatre (draw your own conclusions) and my stepmom’s father was gay and in a very loving, long-term partnership. Oddly enough, finally understanding and realizing that I myself was gay was a little nerve-wracking. In terms of my family, I told my stepmom and dad first and my mom second. In what seemed like a miracle to me, there wasn’t really an issue. I have been blessed to have a family that is less concerned with what gender I’m sleeping with and more worried that their kids are being stand up human beings.

I will never stop appreciating how fortunate I am to have had such a positive entrance into the LGBTQ+ world and how we as a community must continue to work to end the stigma against us and support each other, not as gay, straight, bi, etc., but as people. That’s what we all are at the end of the day. People. Nobody gets out of this world alive, so be kind to one another. Challenge yourself to think a different way sometime or look at someone else’s point of view.

This weekend is Philadelphia’s 30th Pride celebration, so if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate, check out the parade in the heart of the Gayborhood at 13th and Locust Streets at 11:30am. Immediately following, there is a festival at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing headlined by Margaret Cho! More information about these two events can be found at Philly Gay Pride. There is also a fabulous production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch playing at The Ruba Club and starring Rupaul’s Drag Race alum, Mimi Imfurst. You can save 20% on all general admission tickets by using the promo code PRIDE when checking out at ReTheater. I saw the first preview last Friday and it’s out of this world! Finally, if you want to celebrate in a frugal way, just make a few cocktails and watch The Tony Awards at 8:00pm on CBS. It doesn’t get much gayer than that.

Be safe this weekend, be kind, celebrate each other and have fun! xoxo




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