Book Review: “UNCORKING A MURDER” should be on everyone’s Beach Read List

Michael Carlon, who also authored the comedy “ALL THE F*CKS I CANNOT GIVE“, is back with a mystery series. The third book in the series was released this past December, so I’m going back through the series one at a time. “UNCORKING A MURDER” is where it all began with Farrah Graham, host of a podcast by the same name of this novel. After she produced a ten part series “that combined investigative journalism, old fashioned radio drama, and compelling storytelling.”

With huge success on the podcast, Farrah and her co-host Melody disagree on what to focus their second season on. At this time, a call comes in from a Retired Fort Lauderdale Detective who wants the new topic to revolve around a case that he was involved with five years prior. Curiosity building, Farrah decides to head down to Florida to see if she can help.

Author Michael Carlon hosts the “Uncorking a Story” Podcast “featuring in-depth interviews with fellow authors and other interesting people who are making extraordinary differences in the world today.”

If you read my last REVIEW of Michael Carlon, you know that I think he was exceptionally funny. Although this may be a murder mystery, he still found ways to make it comical without taking away from the content of the book. He also threw in a huge plot twist that I can undoubtedly say that no one would be expecting. And unlike most books that contain the plot twist towards the end of the novel, it happens in the first third of the story.

Another aspect that Carlon hits on to a large extent is psychology and mental health. One character in the book is diagnosed with a mental illness. Sonny Michaels is a researcher, but becomes a different person when he is stressed. He suddenly becomes a detective that goes by Derek. There are many other intriguing characters to meet, from a greedy CEO, to a deceitful best friend. There are deaths and there are last minutes saves, with convoluted plot lines throughout, including wrongful conviction.

Carlon also poses a question about large Pharmaceutical Companies. Sonny supposedly found a possible cure for Type II Diabetes. The happenings from the first season of the podcast are direct results of his findings. The greedy CEO of his company, Adrian Tepes, does not want to release their findings. These companies would lose a great deal of money that they make selling supplies like insulin and test strips. What would happen to these companies if more cures for diseases were found? Would they keep the cure to themselves so they can continue making money, or would they do the right thing and help fight the disease?

All of Michael Carlon’s current releases. Look forward to a review of “Winning Streak” in the near future!

This is one of those books that people call a “Beach Read” because you will be so enamored by what is happening, that you could easily finish it in one long day at the beach. I’m glad that I don’t have to wait around for the next book in the series to be released since there are already two more on bookshelves. If you think this one was good, look into the next in the series, “THE LAST HOMILY“.

Learn more about Michael Carlon and his books HERE. You can also check out his podcast Uncorking a Story!

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