Introducing Christopher Eklund to Philly Life & Culture’s LGBTQ+ Freeform Blog

Where does one begin when writing an introductory column? Here, I guess. I’m Christopher Eklund and thrilled to be the newest contributor for Philly Life & Culture! I am the most passionate (and sometimes overly nerdy) fan of pop culture in the LGBTQ+ community, especially when it comes to musical theatre. You’d be hard pressed to name a musical that I haven’t heard of, listened to the cast album of, or can at least tell you one member of the original cast. (See? Nerdy…)

I started blogging a few years ago with a weekly recap of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 for a now vanished website called “The Authentic Gay”. I was very nervous about how my writing would be perceived and received. I used to hate writing in school, but it turns out if it was about something I enjoyed, it didn’t feel so tedious. The website folded and with it, so did my writing.

Now I’m thrilled to be taking a crack at it again with a much broader range of topics and through Philly LIfe & Culture, group of people who I admire and respect. Of course there will be the requisite article on Drag Race here and there, but I also hope to review new cast albums, theatre related books, LGBTQ+ related films, TV shows, Philly events, etc. The sky’s the limit. I’m also not opposed to just having the occasional candid free write about what it’s like to be me, a 30-year-old gay guy who is heavily involved in community theatre and in a long distance relationship. What do you want to hear about? TELL ME!

Again, I’m so looking forward to what I hope to be a long and highly co-dependent relationship between me (the babbling, sometimes inappropriate writer) and you (the voracious, hanging on every word reader). Until next time! xoxo



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