Product Review: Showaflops are perfect for college kids AND pedicure spa days!

Don’t let the name Showaflops fool you!  These aren’t just a great gift for high school graduating seniors heading off to college in the fall, but also a stylish flip-flop for your beach travels this summer!


About Showaflops

Showaflops started as a solution to a dirty problem. When our first tour of a college dorm included a stop at the bathroom showers, Evelyn (a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe) noticed the shower floors and recoiled in horror – there were hairballs, dirt, and mold all over. She had an epiphany about entering any public shower without protection for one’s feet. The problem was that most shower shoes are uncomfortable, slippery, and most importantly, lacked a coolness factor. We listened to stories from college students who were staying in the dorms about the many things that took place in the dorm showers… it wasn’t a pretty picture. At that moment, the idea for Showaflops was born!


Showaflops presented us the opportunity to wear a pair of Sand/Gold Stars and give them a test drive.  With the intense rain the Philly region has been getting, it’s been quite the challenge to rock the flops out and about.   Fellow coworker, and busy about town mommy, Nikki Teller, gladly elected to try out the Showaflops and had the perfect place in mind.  HAPPY NAILS for a pedicure!

Happy Nails Salon & Spa is located in the heart of Exton in their luxurious Main Street Shopping Center. Happy Nails specializes in high-end European style manicures, pedicures nail fiberglass, pink and white acrylic, crystal nail enhancement, facials and waxing for both men and women. On this visit, Nikki opted for a basic pedi.  Her Showaflops were a perfect accessory to her visit having not needed the in house foam flops and walking in and out with the same footwear. When asked, Nikki stated: “They were super comfortable and actually went well with my outfit for the day. I can see how these are shower appropriate with the cute little stars that allow the water to escape below them yet they don’t lose tread.” Nikki plans to continue using her Showaflops to attend her thrice-weekly Kickboxing classes.



Sand/Gold Stars


Shine bright in this classic style.

Neutral sand-colored footbed with a metallic gold stud strap. Allover stars drainage hole pattern.

Plenty of styles and designs available for women AND men at





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