Inis Nua’s Pop-Up Play in a Pub is our chance to give our audience one more taste of the terrific playwrighting of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. We gather upstairs at Fergie’s Pub for the Pop-Up Play and also throw in the great taste of local East Passyunk pie shop Stargazy Pies and a Fergie’s beverage. This year’s offering is Charolais, a dark comedy by Noni Stapleton directed by Tom Reing.

Siobhan has been hired to help with the paperwork on an isolated Irish farm. She takes a shine to Jimmy, the handsome but stolid farmer, but is thwarted by his interfering mother. Another obstacle in her way to married bliss is Charolais, a beautiful blonde French…cow. Jimmy’s devotion to Charolais is enough to drive the jealous Siobhan to extreme measures!

Fan favorite Corinna Burns has appeared in many Inis Nua productions, including the especially funny and memorable Hooked!, which was also presented at Fergie’s. Her comedic chops will be well used in Charolais, as she plays both Siobhan and the cow!

Tom Reing saw Charolais at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the audience reaction let him know that it would be perfect for the Pop-Up Play in a Pub, a terrific, fun “early night out” in the middle of the week.

Charolais is presented upstairs at Fergie’s Pub (1214 Sansom Street) at 6:00 pm on TuesdayWednesday and Thursday, May 22-24 as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, May 29-30. Doors open at 6pm. Performance starts at 6:30pm. Patrons are urged to arrive prior to 6:30pm to allow time for their wonderful pie and beverage to be served. Tickets are $20 (but free for subscribers) and include a beverage and a Stargazy meat or veggie pie. For tickets, visit or call (215) 454-9776. Tickets also available at the door.

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Inis Nua’s mission is to produce contemporary, provocative plays from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales which reflect those cultures’ new identities in today’s world.  Inis Nua also seeks to cultivate and produce contemporary, provocative work from American playwrights who deal with the Irish-American, Welsh-American, Scottish-American and Anglo-American experiences.

To date, Inis Nua has produced one world premiere, seventeen American premieres and thirteen Philadelphia premieres. Inis Nua Theatre Company has been the recipient of grants from the William Penn Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, the Independence Foundation, the Samuel S Fels Fund, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, the Charlotte Cushman Foundation, and the Virginia Brown Martin Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation. Inis Nua Theatre has also had eight playwrights visit during production of their shows.

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