Product Review: Sprouted Choc Chip Cookies from The Lancaster Food Co

When The Lancaster Food Co asked if Philly Life and Culture wanted to try some samples of their Sprouted Choc Chip Cookies, I jumped at the chance.  I have always enjoyed trying out new foods that I wouldn’t normally test on my own.


When the cookies were delivered to work, I confess, I opened them immediately.  Those that work behind desks know that any time sweets come through the office it’s like, “Gimme! Gimme!”  Well, this was no different.  To be honest, I didn’t read the label before taking a bite out of the small cookie as to me, a cookie is a cookie, right? Well, I was wrong.  This was not your regular run of the mill chocolate chip cookie.  This cookie was a GMO free, USDA organic, low allergen, made with fair trade chocolate sugar VEGAN cookie!  Was it bad?  I can’t say that.  I can just say it didn’t taste like a damn thing to me.


Fortunately, my neighboring co-worker is a vegetarian.  He was excited to finally have a treat come through the office that he could indulge in.  I also knew that his wife was vegan so I asked if he wouldn’t mind giving the Sprouted Choc Chip Cookies a fair shot. He gladly took them home over the weekend.


“The cookie itself was tasty. I like the size and density of the cookie. The cookie is vegan which is a plus since I am vegetarian. I can taste the sprouted grains, which for some may leave an after taste in your mouth. I did not find that to be the case. I found the cookie most appealing when I dipped it into my hot tea. I would rate the cookie 7/10. I’ve had better vegan cookies, but not many.” – Co-worker John


“As a vegan, these are not bad, but I’ve had better. They have an overly sweet taste and you can taste the sprouted whole grain flour.  I would consider using different chips, maybe something darker, to tape the over the top sweetness. My 7 year old gave them a 6/10, claims they have an odd after taste.”- John’s wife


The Lancaster Food Co markets their Sprouted Choc Chip Cookies as:



Taste, texture, and trust keep customers coming back for more! Our delicious GMO-free, Certified Organic products and facility are free of dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, and sesame.


Organic Sprouted Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 or more packs)So, although this cookie wasn’t for me, I am thankful that others were able to enjoy it as only a vegan/vegetarian could.  There should be cookies available for all and this one certainly did the trick.


Visit to try our some off their products in bulk.  A 3 pack of cookies if $17.50.



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