Product Review: Shake off the shackles for some good old-fashioned fun with 60OUT

While so many of our daily interactions come at the icy arms length of social media, the 60OUT Escape Room experience was both a refreshing and memorable activity full of thrilling moments that left me and my friends fully electrified.  The immersive Titanic themed experience began as the most adorable Scottish captain (Captain Tyler) alerted us in an authentic brogue that the Titanic was definitely sinking.  It was up to our group to solve a series of intricate puzzles on the steerage deck that would ultimately release the lifeboats and save the souls of all passengers and crew aboard.  (No pressure)


From that point on every detail was artfully crafted to recreate the feel, the sounds and the appearance of the third-class area of one of the most famous vessels in all of history.  Being trapped in a series of rooms with only a handful of companions and your collective intellect to gain your liberation could have potentially put some strain on our interpersonal relationships, so selection of your team is imperative.  The thing that helped us the most was having a diverse group who was (mostly) calm under pressure, and not afraid to explore or communicate ideas.  Giving credence to every individual idea until it is fully explored was also an essential facet to moving forward through the game.


Without revealing too much about the actual puzzles, I will simply say that the difficulty of each progressed naturally as we ventured onward.  A few times we were completely confounded, and in those moments we simply locked arms and called out for our captain.  Captain Tyler, who was watching through a series of cameras, would call out a subtle hint to guide our thinking (without spoiling the satisfaction of us solving the riddles ourselves).


Going in, I honestly thought the experience was going to be in one room, with a few simple puzzles that would lead us to find the key to let us out the other side.  It was so very much more than that.  The level of creativity and the amount of care that was taken to assure that we felt the tension rise as the icy waters of the North Atlantic swallowed the “unsinkable ship”, inspiring us to race against the clock, was very impressive.  The number of successive rooms, the variety of the clues presented and the logic required to be successful offered a legitimate challenge.  Solving/surviving this trial brought us closer together, made for some hilarious memories and filled us all with the sense that we can really accomplish some amazing things when we work together.  I would sincerely recommend 60OUT Escape Rooms to anyone who is looking to shake off the shackles of smartphone numbness, and remember what it feels like to use your brain to a specific end and have some good old-fashioned fun!


Photo by Captain Tyler: L to R, Kate LeSage, Drew McGarry, Eric Carter-Thompson, Anne Marie Scalies, Liz Iannacci, and Raymond Carter-Thompson

For more information:

Located in Rittenhouse inside Clubhouse Bar, 111 S. 17th St.








Review by Raymond Carter-Thompson


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