Kreider Farms, America’s Lone Remaining Combination Egg and Dairy Farm, Introduces its Newest Ice Cream Flavor: Espresso Caramel Swirl


MANHEIM, Pa. – It’s official: Kreider Farms, one of America’s most progressive and innovative egg and dairy farms and the nation’s lone remaining combination egg and dairy farm, has announced the winner of a Facebook contest to select its next ice cream flavor. The winner is Espresso Caramel Swirl, a bold espresso ice cream with chocolate covered coffee bean pieces and a salted caramel swirl.

The new flavor beat out two others contestants: Honeycomb Crunch, a creamy, sweet ice cream with chocolate covered honeycomb pieces and a salted caramel swirl; and Triple Treat Chocolate, a rich chocolate ice cream with bite-sized brownie pieces and a chocolate fudge swirl.

“We received enthusiastic feedback on our Facebook page ( for all three flavors,” said Dave Andrews, vice president of sales and marketing for Kreider Farms. “In just two weeks, the contest had more than 2,400 reactions (e.g., Likes, Loves, Wows), 295 Comments and 174 Shares. While Espresso Caramel Swirl was the winner – and it was my choice, too – I wouldn’t be surprised if consumers saw Honeycomb Crunch and Triple Treat Chocolate making appearances on supermarket and farm market shelves in the future.

“All Kreider ice creams and milks satisfy the preferences of today’s consumers for fresh, local, small-batch foods that aren’t mass produced and aren’t overly processed. We produce everything here on our own dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pa. Our products are then loaded onto our trucks for delivery to our local retailers and distributors – no more than 300 miles from our farm. That’s what we call ‘farm fresh!’”

Retail orders for Kreider Farms’ Espresso Caramel Swirl ice cream in 1.5 quarter cartons can be made after March 5, 2018, and many stores will be stocking the product shortly thereafter. Two-and-a-half gallon boxes are available to food service establishments such as ice cream parlors. Kreider ice creams, milks, eggs and other products are sold in stores in eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, eastern New York State, central and southern New Jersey, and Connecticut. Most Shop Rite grocery stores carry Kreider Farms products. To find a store carrying Kreider Farms products near you, visit the Kreider Farms website and click on the Product Locator.

About Kreider Farms

Founded in 1935, Kreider Farms is one of Pennsylvania’s largest dairy farms and is the nation’s 10th largest egg producer. Kreider supplies fresh, high-quality eggs, milk, drinks and premium batch-churned ice cream. Headquartered in Manheim, Pa., this third-generation, family-owned and operated company includes more than 3,000 acres with seven million egg-laying chickens, 1,700 cows and a milk bottling and ice cream plant. Kreider Farms’ mission is to achieve excellence in delivering low-cost, high-quality products and services to its customers; to be good neighbors and stewards of the land; to operate efficient, state-of-the-art facilities and create an innovative work environment of openness, honesty and personal satisfaction. Kreider Farms offers farm tours as part of its effort to educate the public about sustainable farming. In 2016, Kreider Farms converted one of its silos into a 100-ft.-tall observation tower, which is now open to the public. For more information, please visit or

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