Music Review: Pop star Symon shines with release of “Lonely Girl” and its lyric video

Do you remember when Adele released Hello back in October of 2015? Something happened in that song that hadn’t been heard in a while. It focused on Adele’s voice and the music was truly supportive—imparting only short chords and soft backing vocals. The star was Adele and it worked, clearly.

Fast forward two years and I was reminded of this musical tactic when I heard Symon’s Lonely Girl. For someone starting her music career and just breaking into the pop arena, I was surprised by the focus and clarity of Symon’s vocal record. It’s a testament to her, and her label’s, risk-taking ability. It’s strategic. And as with Adele, it works.

While interviewing Symon, it was clear that this Los Angeles native holds a sense of determination and dedication that’s always been with her: “By 15, I knew I wanted to be a pop star. I always knew.”

If you can imagine, growing up in the heart of the world’s show business factory had its ups and downs. Proximity and access to artists and producers was helpful but expectations were high and difficult to break: “I wasn’t jaded about what Hollywood is but growing up I had no confidence.” Her determination, however, was constant: “I did every thing that I could to navigate LA, find my voice and get the music industry help I needed.”

Lonely Girl is an auspicious culmination of that hard work, and its message is universal: “I had a period of some heavy soul-searching not too long ago. I had just left the band I was a part of and, separately, had experienced a deep hurt by three individuals. Lonely Girl was inspired by that pain and hurt. I cried my eyes out in the recording booth. It was so raw and I knew it was going to be my first single as a solo artist.”

Symon is turning heartache into empowerment as she continues to navigate her place in the music industry: “Being true and honest and authentic is how I have to live. I want people to feel that and connect to it. And to know that it’s difficult but worth it.”

Symon is reaching a new audience with the release of the lyric video for Lonely Girl. Fluent in American Sign Language, the video’s focus is squarely on Symon as she signs the entire song. It’s an unexpected and refreshing entrant into the music video scene.

When asked about future plans, Symon explained that while the focus right now is on Lonely Girl, she’s working on creating a fantastic body of work that is true to her fresh, raw and honest perspective. “But…,” she says, “I don’t follow a template. Art isn’t about playing it safe, so I’m not going to.”

Symon can be heard as co-host of the Sirius XM radio show, Hits 1 in Hollywood.

Symon is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to Lonely Girl on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

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